Thursday, March 27, 2008


Tonight I am so sad. My friend Jan has been ill and in the hospital for a while now. ( News tonight is not good as she has been diagnosed with advanced liver cancer and the cancer has metastasized in her heart. There is no treatment due to the advanced stage. They have given her days to a couple of weeks. She will be discarged tomorrow into Hospice care.

Friends, please pray with me for Jan, her hubby, Travis, her daughters and grandchildren.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Which Way

do I turn first??? It's spring break and I have so many "things" I wanted to get done, so many places I wanted to go.......Now here it is half way over and what have I accomplished??????

I must admit that Anna (from Germany) is a joy to have here, but I am not used to having anyone around during the day and most evenings! Let alone, someone who can't drive! I (we) have adjusted and some daily chores just get pushed aside!

Haven't accomplished any quilting this week! I've been looking for a top I had stored away, wanting to finish it for a graduation gift, and after cleaning/rearranging three rooms, I still can't find it! But, my quilting supplies and fabrics are organized now! I've decided to start a new quilt and see if I can get most of it (maybe all) pieced this coming weekend? Am going to a mini-retreat and will have 3 days of blissful sewing/quilting without someone wanting something! Gosh, I need to get my "stuff" packed...I leave in the morning!

Tonight they will come replace my ceiling fan in my living room. The motor burned up Monday night and we are thankful I found it before a fire started or other major damage was done!

Now, won't you join me in wishing Debi a Happy Birthday? See her blog here:

Happy Birthday Debi!


Saturday, March 22, 2008


Once again time has flown by! Spent a weekend snowed in in Columbus awaiting the arrival of our German exchange student. Her Friday evening arrival was delayed until Sunday noon, but was well worth the wait. Anna-Lena is fitting in with our family and I will hate to see her leave again in two weeks!

Haven't been sewing or quilting much, jus a little here and a little there. Accomplishments this month include: 3 blocks for a QOV quilt, 3 friendship star blocks for a comfort quilt for our friend "Tippy" whose husband passed away this past week, and 25 4" blocks for a QS sample for a friend's shop.

Part of yesterday and today were spent doing a little "touristy" things with Anna, and some remodeling and rearranging in our family room. Am very tired, but happy with the results so far. Now to get everything completed? Hopefully before the May 17th wedding of DS and the May 25th graduation of DD! I'll just keep working at it a little at a time!

Happy Easter to each of you!


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Still quilting

Even though I have limited time right now, I try to steal a few minutes eash day. After unquilting this quilt twice, I finally finished it! Not throughly thrilled with my quilting but Mic loves it so will be satisfied.
Now, which UFO do I finish next or do I start a new quilt?? With all the chatter of quilted bags, I may try one.....will have to see what the new week bring? (as long as it's NOT more snow and ice!)