Monday, March 29, 2010

Crossing Ohio

is a beautiful quilt block that Ann introduced to me recently. I am NOT a fan of small pieces (and this one has a lot of 1.5 inch squares)! But I have decided to make the blocks different colors thus being able to strip piece some with the background in wow and the dark blue consistant through out.

I have one block sewn (not trimmed) and am working on cutting another 19 blocks. I think I'll "kit" this to take along to Ann's or retreats that are coming up. Ann and I are doing this together, her's a lot scrappier than mine, so that keeps me motivated! Not sure if we are doing a block a week or a block a month??? Don't remember if we decided! Still using from the stash bins--doesn't look like they are decreasing--ugh!

Check out Ann's block here:

Another project completed!

Having made a "Professional Bag" for myself, which I fell in love with and use all the time (love all the pockets!), I've had some requests to make more. Shellz wanted one for school so she could carry her laptop and books, etc all in one bag for the day instead of messing with a bag for each class. Made one for her for Christmas and it's working out great for her.

A teacher friend of ours also got one for a Christmas gift. Now her Mom wants to take it from her! Jodie is not about to give her's up, so asked if I would make one she could give to her Mom for a Mother's Day gift? Finished it this forenoon.

Computer updates...

...Had a very sick laptop. :( Thankfully I had another one I could use altho I don't espically like it! Yesterday I was pretty bored so ventured over to Ryan's for the afternoon. He informed me that a new neighbor of his could probably repair the laptop or at least tell us what was wrong! Needless to say, I hurried right back home and got it! A few hours later I had a new hard drive and a working computer! I did lose some pictures I hadn't transfered yet, but am not going to cry about it! Maybe I can get a few from some of the other ladies that were in TN last July with me? If not, I still have the memories!

So are any of you using Windows 7????? WOW, what a change! IMO it's so much better than XP or Vista altho it will take me some time to wade my way through everything! :)

Now, I best get something accomplished thoday....only a few more hours and Spring Break will be here! YEAH!

3Creative BOM update

I have also finished the next block for this BOM series plus a bonus block. I am so liking this one and using up some stash!

Block of the Month....

...for Ohio Quilter's has been finished for awhile. Just haven't gotten around to posting.

March Block:

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Catching up~

is what I am trying to do! For a few weeks I spent quite a bit of time helping my parents..My Dad wasn't doing so well so tried to give Mom a break as much as I could. The following week I was attacked with the "spring sinus" infections--UGH! It's been a long time since I had the "crude" this bad! Sure glad it's over! Now hopefully winter is over and gone and spring has truly sprung!

I have been trying to go spend at least one day a week, between bus routes, with Ms. Ann. I sure enjoy our time together! It's so nice to have her back from her travels although she sure deserved every bit of the time away!

Friday, March 12, 2010

On the design wall.....

..............and I need ideas! These blocks come from a swap (I'll have 12 in all). I used some of my "geese" cut off and made some pinwheels that I would like to use as cornerstones, the problem I have is, what color(s) do I use for for setting strips???

Please leave comments with your suggestions!