Monday, December 30, 2013

Celtic Solstice Step 5

It's been a busy week with the Christmas Holiday and Hubby home! Also had Ms. Rylee for four days so not much happening in the studio for awhile!  Hubby left for New Mexico on Friday and Ms. Rylee went back to her Mom's on Saturday and I kinda felt free!  First though, I had to sit and listen to the silence!!!!

Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon I managed to get caught up with all the Steps of Celtic Solstice!They need to be 'trimmed up,' but they are sewn!!!   It's back-to-school on Thursday so the "split shift" starts again, so am thrilled to be caught and ready for the next step on Friday when I get home from work!

Now, I'll spend some time seeing the progress of others here:

Monday, December 23, 2013

Celtic Solstice..Week 4

Well, another 'Link-up Monday" and of course I am still behind!  I did manage to make progress and will eventually get caught up! (

I have sewn 48 of the needed 120 4-patches. Since I am going so scrappy, it takes me a little longer to gather the fabrics and make the 'patches.' But, this is a HUGE learning experience for me--yep, I'm going SCRAPPY!!!!

My progress so far: (not all the HST's are cut...pressed them with the thread attached so I don't lose them!)

I know Ms. Rylee will be here again until Saturday, but maybe, just maybe, I can be caught up by next "Link-up Monday???"


in the studio!

Got the two quilts and three fleece blankets out the door in good time, but that put me way behind in the gift-making I wanted to do this year! Guess I really need to stick to the rule: "No special orders after October 1st!?"

I made some Kitchen Accessories for my girls this year:

Tea Towels and Pot Holders: (excuse the messing cutting table!)

Hope they like them..they were fun to make! 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Celtic Solstice..Week 3

I am behind!  I didn't step foot into the studio all weekend...Ms. Rylee was with us Friday through Sunday PM, and I had to work on Saturday. Driving a school bus in the snow/ice/rain wasn't a lot of fun and I was just to tired to sew when I got home!

I did manage to pull fabrics from the 2 inch strip bin that I will be using:

Morning route is done, a load of laundry is in the washer, and I have my cup of tea sitting here with me. Now, off to see how many of these HST's and pinwheels I can get cut/sewn before I have to return to work!  Nothing on the schedule, as of yet, for this evening so should be able to finish them up then.

It's great to see ehat "others" are doing with this mystery...find them here:

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Fleece blankets

that were commissioned are done!  Thanks to my oldest daughter, Stacy's help all three commissioned fleece blankets are done and ready to be picked up!  I normally don't take any orders after October 1st for Christmas, but just couldn't say "no" to this one! Gifts for kids who are less fortunate, I just can't deny!

pink on both sides for the teenage girl

turtles for the other gal

and for the "little man"
Also included is a small gift for "Mom."  They took a jar and made a manicure kewl! The idea came from here:

Thanks Stacy for your help! And we pray that this Mother and Children have a very Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Crazy Blocks...

...was a swap I was in over at

Christmas fabrics were used and the pattern called for "Crazy" blocks. This is something I had never done before and I needed a "sofa" quilt that Hubby can use on his recliner for the upcoming Holidays, so I jumped! Another new adventure for me! I decided since I managed one new technique, I might as well try another! The back is pieced with 10 inch square left-over Christmas fabrics...again, something I had never done before.  But, I am happy with the quilt and most importantly, I used up some "stash" and Hubby says, "It's warm!"

Phantom of the Opera.... a quilt that I made for a gal at our local High School.  Sure hope she like it!

The Quilt

The Back shows the quilting

A matching pillowcase

This was fun after a pattern was decided on!

Celtic Solstice ..week 2

Another week has rolled around and the studio has been a busy place! My blocks for step #1 are together, just need to given them a final pressing and square them up.


I have around 70 blocks done for step #2. These should be completed before the next step is revealed. 

Check out what other's are doing with this Mystery at:

 This is once again a challenge for me since I have a very hard time piecing/designing/quilting scrappy! Slowly I am overcoming this hurdle!  I am finding I usually like the end results of "scrappy," it's just hard for me to do....But, overcoming this 'mind-set' and branching out of my comfort zone is learning! I will keep trying!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Celtic Solstice Monday report

...With the Hubby and the granddaughter here all weekend, I sure didn't get time in the studio like I wanted! They are usually pretty good about allowing me some "me time," but this weekend they were very "needy."  Granddaughter went home last night and Hubby went to unload this morning.

Studio time for a few hours I had!  I got all the orange and background triangles cut. I also cut some of the "blues" but not all of them. I can only cut so long then my hand starts hurting, so I'll finish those later.  I did manage to get ten orange blocks and ten background blocks made. (Background is white...the lighting this morning has them looking yellow)

 I have a pretty empty calendar this week so such be able to get the rest done by Friday's new release.

Am off on a mini road trip in a few minutes...meeting up with some quilting friends for lunch--what a wonderful end to a Holiday weekend!!!!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Celtic Solstice Mystery

goes live today....join me????

My fabric selection:

 links to get you started:

Another finish

this week! Will be a gift for the Holidays....

Cathedral Stars

another Bonnie Hunter pattern I started during a workshop in Beavercreek, Ohio some time ago...This one was also completed this week!

Easy Street is Finished

Finished to binding on Easy Street (a Bonnie Hunter Mystery) last week. Yesterday it walked out the door with daughter, Michelle, and future son-in-law, Brad.

More El's Kitchen...

With the work schedule, helping my parents who are in their 80's, having the granddaughter bi-weekly, and life in general, I haven't been able to keep up with the others in the group doing El's Kitchen. I will get caught up "someday!"

Since I am doing the smaller blocks, I am finding it really hard to machine applique then, heck some of them I can hardly even making using her method, but am trying! Think I will be hand appliqueing some (and I don't enjoy hand work).... but all a new learning experience and that is one reason I joined this group!!!

A few more of my completed blocks:


 (yes, the mistake has been corrected in this block)

I will continue to work on these as I can...I want this to be a wall quilt in my 30's guest bedroom.

Friday, October 11, 2013

El's Kitchen: My Mother's Apron

The first block I made in this Quilt-Along is called : "My Mother's Apron."

I have decided to use up my 1930's fabrics for this-- I arrived having fabrics in hand but hadn't had time to really 'think' about the block. I cut my pieces and sewed them together but felt it was "blah." Debi was so kind and shared some of her red rick-rack and we added. Sure make the block 'pop!" Thanks Debi! I later added the button instead of a pocket (making a pocket THAT small was just not in the makings!)

Wonder what I'll encounter with the next session????


Monday, October 7, 2013

El's Kitchen Quilt- Along.....

One of my local quilt shops, Somewheresewing, ( is sponsoring a quilt-along featuring  "El's Kitchen." (

Not sure what I have gotten myself into with this as I decided to make a wall quilt instead of the "big" quilt.  Ummmm these blocks are little!! Oh my, I am not a fan of six inch blocks and especially with soooo many teeny-tiny pieces!!!!

We meet about twice a month for sewing time and always make at least one of the recipes in the book. A few weeks ago we had "high tea." Such fun!

I invite you to sew along with us!

(pictures of my blocks coming later)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Challenge: Block #1

We have been challenged to "leave our comfort zone!"  Ummm this is HARD for me to do, but I am going to try! All I can do is try, if I fail, at least I tried...right???

Block 1..Apple Core

Curves? Template? Are you kidding me?????

Ok....calm down and at least try! After four hours I succeeded! (Only had to remove and redo 1 seam!) Yeah!!!

I have decided to do this challenge "scrappy." Will see how that goes as we all know I am not a "scrappy" quilter, but I'm trying!


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Quilting Vacation

in Eastern PA with a few friends was on the agenda for June 2013. Five of us headed for East Stroudsburg, PA on May 31st for a week of relaxing and quilting.

A few accomplishments of the week:

My Lime Green/Hot Pink is a top!!

A Finish for me!!

Another one ready to quilt!

Debbi also took the time to try and teach me how to's a "slow-go" but I am working on it.

Car Crocheting

Some evening/late night adventures:

Plus the beautiful mountains and skies:

Very Relaxing and peaceful...Hope we can do it again!

OH MY!!!!

I have been bad and not kept up with the Blog....I will try to do better!

Not sure where the time has gone but Fall is in the air! I had a very busy summer but not sure what I accomplished! Ever have times like that? I traveled some, spent time at a retreat, spent time with family and friends....Now I am back to work and have very limited free time. So will try to get caught up soon....


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Jelly Roll Quilts

 I have caught the "Jelly Roll" Quilt bug........

Need to quilt it and put it on the shelf so it's ready for a quick gift.