Sunday, June 15, 2008

PL Quilt tops

PL quilts in memory of Jan J.

Chubby Cat

Spring Flower for Jan


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Graduation Quilts

Every year I made and give my kids closests friends quilts as gifts whe they graduate.....This year was no different! I had to finish one this week and present late, but the others were done on time.




I am missing a picture of Kayla's. Will have to go get one after I get back from vacation.........


More Prayer Quilts...........

Andrew loves baseball:

Carly likes Dolphins:

Wade "swims with the dolphins."


Celebrating Graduation!

MAY 26, 2008
Party Time!

In Memory of Cody

We pause to remember Cody Brackin, Michelle's classmate, who was killed in an auto accident October 10, 2008. We miss you lots buddy!

Mic Graduates High School

With mixed feelings I watched as my "baby" graduated from high school on May 25, 2008. She graduated with honors and we are so proud of her!


Landscaping Project

We bought and moved to this property Aug. 2005, just before winter so didn't get much of a chance to redo some of the landscaping. Then, with the passing of my In-Laws in the summer of 2006, it was pushed off again. Don't know where 2007 went but we finally have started!





I can hardly wait for all the flowers to bloom now! Just wish the rest of it was done!