Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Weekend Adventure~

This past weekend I had a chance to "go west." I took some of my quilt tops/backing/batting to my friend Kris in Sprinfield, OH, and she will quilt them for me. I am just not getting them done! She then traveled with me south to Lesa's house in Bellbrook. Lesa took us the http://www.fabricshack.com/. UT-OH!!!!! But I was good and only bought a few fabrics that I knew I needed to finish projects and two fabrics for one new project! This shop is dangerous!!! From here we went on a hunt for food!!! The joy having a good meal with great friends is priceless!!

I spent the night at Lesa's and on Saturday, we were honored to take a class taught by Teri Tope, http://www.materialgirldesigns.com/, on reverse applique. Yet, you read right, this chick, who DOESN'T applique took an applique class!!! I am SOLD on this method! If all applique could be done using this methos, I'd sure do more of it! I didn't get very far on my projects, but, that's ok, winter's coming!
sample 1 my block started

I am also making a tree:

I definately wasn't ready to head back home on Sunday, but.......

Flannel anyone?

Going through some older magazines, I found a pattern called "One Block Quilt" in the Spring 2008 issue of Easy Quilts. When we changed out the summer quilts to the fall/winter ones, we discovered that we were one flannel quilt short! Don't know how that happened as I've been making flannel quilts for what seems forever!

Anyway, this week we have the beginnings of another flannel quilt on the design wall. I know I don't have enough of the greens to do the border shown in the pattern so will keep digging in the totes for something--or use the piece I found while shopping a the Fabric Shack this past weekend with Lesa and Kris!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Awwww...a finish!

When stressed, I piece/quilt! So since this past month has been a HIGH stress level time for me, I have used up 5 1/2 yards of stash fabric, a backing, and some batting. I only purchaed 2 1/2 yards of fabric at 25% off for this quilt. If I remember corectly, I started the cutting of this quilt Oct. 1st.......Now it's in the dryer and ready to be mailed out as a gift to~~~~~~~~~