Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Time is flying by! I am on break and loving every minute of it!

Christmas was a happy time at our house. Just the seven of us but we had fun eating exchanging gifts, and playing games!

Mic is coming along really well with her fact, if her brace arrived, she will throw away the crutches tomorrow--oh happy day! She is walking around the house without them anyway but they protect her when she is out and about. We are so thankful that she has very little pain! Only occassionally uses Advil--no prescription drugs anymore!

Most of us are fighting allergies right now--it's no wonder! First is below 32 the warms up to 45 on Christmas day...crazy Ohio weather! Have had a lot of rain again but at least it's not SNOW!!!

I've been working on my TWiO beginning to wonder if I'll ever get it done? Moved my sewing room into the living room today setting up two tables. Have some quilting friends coming tomorrow to spend a few days. My sewing room is just to small for more than one person so we are taking over the living room!

Now I must get some sleep as I know I won't sleep much the next 2-4 days as we tend to sew late into the night/morning when we get together! Oh I can hardly wait!

Wishing you all a safe and happy New Year.


Monday, December 10, 2007

Sunday, December 9, 2007


Cleaning--YUCK! I hate to do it, but it must be done! This week I worked on getting my sewing room back into a presentable condition! It was messy and dark! Tubs and bags stashed everywhere and half the time I couldn't find what I needed/wanted although I was sure I had it!

Before: (because of the poor lighting, you can't see the mountains piled under the table)


I still have a set of shelves that need to be sorted, but at least now I know what I have and can find it! Oh, and it's a lot nicer sewing with more lighting! The ceiling fixture needs an electrician and he can't come until later this month.
As far as sewing/quilting this past week. I did finish a baby flannel rag quilt. I will either store it for future grand kids or give it to my neighbor who is due on Christmas Day.
I also worked on my BellaBella. I need to add the center circle and it will be pieced. Want to pick up a yellow thread first. Need to find a quilter for this one.
Then I started setting my Autumn Trails blocks...need to make more blocks to have a nice sized lap quilt. So I guess I know what to work on in my spare (?) time this week! DD starts rehab and I am driving more as we have a lot of Holiday concerts to take the kids to plus basketball games. Company coming Friday so also need to make sure the whole house is spotless! Maybe I should go grocery shopping too so there is food here too????
Have a wonderful week!

Saturday, December 1, 2007


Mic had her ACL surgery yesterday. Long 12 hrs. in the hospital but she's home and is doing great so far. One pain pill every 4 hrs. seems to be enough for now. She had a great night last night (only got me up once) and is about to settle down for tonight. Did have some visitors this evening and she enjoyed that.

Back to see the Doc on Wed. then will find out when rehab begins (ut-oh). She's been doing the little stretch/bend exercises he told her to do so am hoping thatis helping.

Thanks for your prayers!


Flannel Quilts

So have you ever made a flannel quilt? I'm not fond of working with flannel, but I just can't pass up that yearly swap! The quilts are soooo warm! This year we did our blocks a little different, raggy style! Got my oldest daughter, Stacy, to swap too so we'd have more blocks. Of course, she then got the finished quilt too!
(front) (back)

I also am working on finishing last years blocks. Am waiting on the last border fabric to arrive as I ran out and had to order more...Mic will get this one then all my kids will have warm flannel quilts. Does mom get one next year?

Also pulled out a raggy baby flannel quilt I started about 2 years ago and never finished. My neighbor is having a baby around Christmas Day....might make a nice gift?


Sunday, November 25, 2007

Frustrating Day

Why is it when I want to get a lot done, nothing goes right? Trying to get some swap blocks done, first I cut wrong--how can you cut 2.5" strips wrong? I can and did--grrrrrr! Finally have them all cut correctly and start sewing---now I need 14 blocks--no big deal--wrong again! Half of them I had to unsew and redo! After five looooooooooooong hours they are finally done!

Also need to make two more of the 30's blocks so I have enough for a baby quilt....pieces for those are cut. Am hoping to still finish them tonight.

Then I'd also like to start seting my flannel blocks from the 2006 swap, bu I can't find them! Mic and I have turned this sewing room upside down and then some looking for them! I am beginning to think that I took them to retreat with me and left them there..will have to call Sheryl and see or did I take them along to Lesa's and leave them there? Don't think so as I didn't see them last weekend. huuuummmmm

Did get the 2007 flannel blocks into a quilt yesterday before work..It's a "raggy" quilt so still have all the snipping to do. (Picture later).

Now for the good news! I WON a door prize during Planet Patchwoos One Day Mystery Event today!!!!

Hopefully the rest of the week will go much better sewing wise! I need to get a few things added to the finished list before the new year rolls around!


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Sewing frenzy

Spent a few days with Lesa last weekend.....made progress on many "little things." The BellaBella is getting bigger! Am now to the point of connecting the four sections---am stuggling with it, but----am also down to making six sets of HSTs and adding the final borders for the "Wedding" quilt! Yippee! Some "top" finishes coming up soon, at least I hope so! Also made 120 2.5" HSTs for a Jaunty Rail Quilt made of 30's fabrics.

Lesa and I were busy sewing, shopping (ut-oh!), and playing with her new Pfaff mid-arm! Thanks Lesa for a wonderful weekend!

Happy thanksgiving to each of you!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Week of appointments

This past week was our week of multi-appointments! UGH! I think that ehausted me more than working 12 hours days!

Mic had a MRI done on Monday, results on Wednesday. She did tear her ACI (plus other damamge in there) in her left knee. As of now, she is scheduled for surgery on November 30th. There is a lot this mommy has to get done before that day rolls around! I have asked for a week off but haven't been told I can have more than three days.

I am slowly getting the top made for Ry and Amber. Still have to make 20 HST's but need to sew more dark strips together. Wonder how I managed to miscount my strips? I am using the pattern "Ripples."

I am also working on another flannel quilt. These are blocks from last years swap. Still collecting the blocks from this years swap. Yep, a year behind again!

Since it's cold, rainy, and windy outside, I'm off to cuddle with a quilt and a book for this afternoon.


Saturday, November 3, 2007


November and no snow!!!!! Altho the mornings are frosty and nippy, I have been able to go to work with mostly a sweatshirt, but I think that is coming to a hault as there is snow in the forecast..brrrrrrrrrrr..and I don't like driving the bus in the snow, but then, we've made it so far without snow and that's unusal!

Not much sewing going on this week, been running with Mic. She will possibly have ACL surgery yet this month or early December.....not what we had in mind for the holiday season, but..............

A few more "comfort quilts" I've had a hand in making this year:

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Month's End..........

......and I feel like I haven't accomplished much of anything! Looking over my chart, I do see that three quilts are completed! WAHOO!

I also, ummmmmmmmmm, joined two block swaps. Oh boy, I'm not supposed to be doing that! My goal is to empty the block drawers NOT fill them up! But, I only had to buy one yard of flannel for the two swaps, the rest of the fabric came out of my stash! This does justify joining the swaps---right?

It's time to pull out last years flannel blocks and get them done---that four lettered word I don't like to hear (namely, snow) is in our forecast for next week....guess fall is about over? Will need the flanel quilts, jammies, etc. if it's cold and the fuel prices keep going up!

Wonder if I can accomplish anything quilty in November?


Thursday, October 25, 2007


One of these days I will learn not to try sewing when I am tired! Everything I pieced Tuesday night, I have to undo and try again! ggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Maybe it's time I take a breat, clean up the messy room and hand quilt for a day or two? But wait, I can't do that right now, I have to get 12 blocks made for a swap I join (which, by the way, I cut wrong too and have to recut!) Oh well, more fabric into the scrap bin. Someday I'll figure out what to do with all those scraps...............

Weather turned cooler. Had lots and lots of rain the lst few days. Windy and the leaves are falling fast. They say we could have our first hard frost this weekend. Brrrr I'm not a fan of cold weather!

Well, best go see if I can salvage any of my booboos. (altho today I'd rather curl up on the couch with a book and quilt!)



Monday, October 22, 2007

Busy, busy, busy................

Time to slow down! I am tired! Helped at school a lot last week, very emotional week, but God is giving us the strength to go on. Celebrated Mic's 18th birthday over the weekend---where has the time gone? My "baby" is ready to spread her wings (well, as soon as she graduates high school!). Weather has been so beautiful so am outside as much as I can. Just a few more hours and we will be ready for the snow (gasp). The leaves aren't as pretty this year, but there is still some color around!

I am working on my quilting too. The three quilts for the "kids" have the bindings on, are washed & dried, and ready for their new home.

Also made a Homespun Rag Quilt for the shop.

Now, it's time to clean up the sewing room and start (or finish) another project.

Enjoy the fall weather!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Post retreat

Came home from retreat Sunday in time to enjoy lunch with DH and DD. Retreat was a success and I got quite a few things accomplished.

All three tops for the "kids" are now quilts! Did two of them on Friday and Janet helped me finish the third one on Saturday. Did the binding yesterday and today--yep, I had forgotten to pack them so had to do them myself. Also worked on some 4-patch raggy flannel blocks (12 made) for a swap. Then set some more blocks on my DS's wedding quilt. Have to make more HST, but for this quilt it takes a lot of consentration, so will make them here at home. I had taken my BellaBella for the others to see (well, what I have done so far). I did work on it a little on Saturday night. It did spark a lot of interest and a few books and pattern packs were ordered.

Lots of great food, fun, and fellowship. Didn't spend a lot of $$$ this time. I decided I needed to finish some UFO's before buying for new projects!

On the homefront, DD had a minor accident on Saturday. Noone hurt, just a small dent in her car. But, since she's not 18 yet, we have to go to court sometime. Hope next time she brakes harder! Just thankful no on was hurt!

Saturday night, DD, a high school senior, lost a classmate due to a horrible accident. Tomorrow is the funeral and we are still all in shock. Mic and Cody have/had been classmates since Kindergarten---friends, this is a tough one! Whisper a prayer for the 66 seniors as they say thier final goodbye tomorrow and for us as parents/friends of the family that we may be strong for them.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mini Retreat

The time is almost here! I am so excited to be able to get away for a three day weekend! Heading to Parkersburg WV tomorrow after work for a mini quilting retreat. No hubby, no kids, no cooking, and no cleaning! Can't say no phone as I have to have the cell on in case my Dad has problems again. Even with his new pacemaker, he is having some chest pains, so need the cell in case Mom needs to get in touch.

I have packed a few projects, altho I'm not sure I'll get to work on any of them. My number one goal is to get the 3 kids quilts quilted on the HQ16! I am hoping to come home Sunday with 3 completed quilts! May even ask a few ladies to help with the bindings (gosh, I hope I packed the binding fabrics!) Will have to take time off to do a mini shop hop---good thing I stashed my last paycheck!

I did sit down today and stitched a few more stitches on the Fairy Frost quilt I am hand quilting. I think this may take me all winter to get done!

Hoping you have a great quilty weekend!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Kid's Quilts

The third quilt top is done!

Now to gather up the batting and backing!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

"Fred" block

Fabrics I used and how the block was/is made:

Fabrics: prewashed Civil War Reproduction prints.

Color placement: two light squares in diagonal corners, two medium squares in the other diagonal corners. (For these corner squares, use fabrics in the beige family as shown in the picture) For the Center square use the darkest brown you have. Focus colors should be 2 that compliment each other but have some contrast. Background should be a creamy fabric similar in color to Kona Natural or unbleached muslin.

Directions: Cut and use 2.5" blocks for the individual pieces. Make half-square triangles by cutting a 3" square of each of the color and cream background fabrics. Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner on the back of the cream background. Place the 2 squares right sides together and sew 1/4" from the line on both sides of the line. Cut on the diagonal line to separate the HSTs. Press open. Trim to 2.5" before using in the block.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Kid's Quilts

Quilt number two is ready for the quilter! Now to get another 12 blocks made.....

Friday, September 21, 2007

"Comfort Quilts"

I love making "Comfort Quilts!" Giving someone a quilt to cuddle with when they are through a tough time in life warms my heart!

The following quilts were make for "internet friends." Blocks were collected from across the USA and then I set them. Sheryl @ Parkersburg Sewing & Quilting quilted two of them and I quilted one of them on her HQ16.


I am making progress on the quilts for the "kids." Have one border to add to quilt #1 and quilt #2 then they are ready to quilt. Decided to try and make a matching patterned (as #1) quilt for #3. Means I have to make about 24 more blocks! Have the fabric, but finding the time to get them make and into a top before Oct. 12 will be the challenge!

Red, White, and Blue Quilts

What to do with a stack of red, white, and blue quilt blocks that aren't uniform in size? I had 12 swapped r/w/b Star blocks that weren't equal in size. I took 4 of them and trimmed them, yes, I lost some points, but sometime you just have to make the best of it! I then added a narrow red border around each of them. Now, what am I going to do with them?

I used them as a center row for a row x row! Two quilting friends added a row of their own on each side of my row..........Thanks Linda and Sheryl for helping me end up with a great quilt! DS had claimed this one!

I then took the other eight blocks trimmed them and added a blue border. I found eight other Star r/w/b blocks in a bin so took these sixteen blocks and made another row x row quilt. DD #1 has claimed this one.

Monday, September 10, 2007


While visiting Lesa in August, she helped me get started on my BellaBella top......I finished five "wedges" then didn't work on it with school starting and everything else that has been going on with the parents, etc.

An on-line group I belong to, has started challenging each other to work on projects to help keep us motivated. Last week I was challenged to make another five "wedges." I am happy to report, I met that challenge and my BellaBella is slowly becoming a top! Not done yet, but now ten wedges are done! Hopefully you can see the light & dark yellows and reds with the black, white, and green.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Just an update:

Both parents have had their surgeries and are coming along well. Sure has cut into my quilting time, but they do come first, along with soccer games and extra driving.

As for quilting, the Fairy Frost is now loaded onto the frame for hand quilting---basically my winter project. Did take a few stitches yesterday, but this will take a while to finish!

Have been working on my BellaBella top too......paper-piecing so another "slow" one for me, but I'm learning. Also attempted to machine quilt a top on my machine. Don't like it at all so will be "froggin'" and sending it out to have machine quilted or visit a friend that will let me use their machine.

A family whose kids ride my bus had a house fire and the kids have lost everything (the bedrooms received the most damage), so I have committed to making 3 twin quilts for them.....this should keep me busy and out of trouble????

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Christmas Round Robin

As you probably already know, I used to love to swap blocks, etc. At the beginning of the year I resolved to NOT swap so much and turn blocks into tops and tops into finished quilts! I am happy to report that I am making headways! I just finished quilt # 5 , have 2 out to be quilted, and 6 more ready to be quilted! But, alas, there are more on the unfinished pile! Some of them I don't even like anymore but will finish them and donate.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Another finished quilt

Spent some time in Western Ohio last week. Some "power sewing" and then got to play on a mid-arm quilting machine (wish I had one!!). Quilted two tops, but this is the only one that is completely done.

Also started my "Bella Bella" quilt....Hoping to finish my "Leaves" and then move on to the Bella soon. Maybe after the parents are done with all their surgeries?

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Just Rambling

Kids are moved and settled (?). I worked on getting a guest room set up today between phone calls. Finally get to have my "30's" room! I've been in love with the reproduction fabrics for eons.......have 2 quilts on the bed and a wallhanging on one wall. I am working on taking three dresden plate blocks, found in my late MIL's sewing chest, and framing them for a wall grouping too.

Still working on my "leaf" quilt. Slowly making headways. But, am going to take a break from it and work on the Ripple Effect top for a day or so......want to get this one done so it can be quilted and ready soon so I don't have to rush next spring.

I am finding that I don't enjoy "scrappy" quilts as much any more. Have many ideas and wanna-dos and I think it's time I persued them!

Time for a snack, some TV, then bed....................later folks.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Welcome to My World


Welcome to my little corner of the world! My time is spent with family and friends, driving school bus, and quilting. Also like to do scrapbooking and counted cross stitch.

Currently helping two kids get moved and settled into their new apartments. One more day of moving furniture and we should have everything moved. My home is getting soooo empty!

Quilting wise, I am making progress on my Third Week In October quilt. Thanks Lesa for getting me hooked on this one! Definately out of my normal comfort zone, but I am enjoying the challenge! Also started piecing a quilt that will be given to DS and FDIL on thier wedding day. The quilt for DD #2's graduation gift is at the quilters now. Need to get a wall hanging started for DD #1's BF............seems there is never a shortage of those wanting/needing quilts. That's ok, making quilts keeps me sane!

I am also "trying" to do some machine quilting on my own.........doing almost as much unsewing and quilting!

Now, off to spend a lazy afternoon watching TV with DH or maybe some reading.........