Sunday, January 30, 2011

Black and White

I am working on some black and white 9-patch blocks. Each fabric must be a white-on-black or a black-on-white and all will have a touch of bright in them--the center square to be exact. Fabrics may be repeated. (another way to use up stash!!) I am swapping some of these so will have a variety. Once I have all the 9-patches, I have another plan in mind so stay tuned!

More Snow!

Am about tired of the cold and snow!! But this morning we got up to more snow! I admit, it looks beautiful, but am so ready for spring!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cold! Snow! Flannel!!

It's been cold and snowy here in Ohio, so what a better time than this to work with flannel??? A top gets made into a quilt and it keeps me warm while working on it! I've had a slow start since I had the flu then the Holidays, but decided this week I absolutely have to get motivated!

Michelle was home a few days over the Holidays and she and Hubby were fighting over the one flannel quilt in the house! Ok, now why do we only have one flannel quilt if I've been doing flannel block swaps since 1998?????? (didn't swap in 2010). Eleven years of blocks have added up to six quilts. Had to combine some years to get enough to make the quilt big enough.

Anyway, this week has been "flannel" week so far. The blocks were set and borders added...digging in the flannel tub, I found a piece big enough for the backing. Now, do I have a batting? Can I possibly quilt this on my machine???? Found a bat that was earmarked for another quilt--but decided to borrow it for the flannel quilt. Thread? O NO!! I don't have yellow thread???? Wait, there's that box of thread Jan gave me---so off to the garage I go. YIPPEEEE found a "yellow" that will work. Took me three days but the quilt is DONE!!!!!!