Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring break

This week is Spring Break for the school district I work for--YEEEHAAWWWW!! What a wonderful time to rest and relax after pushing myself to go to work when not feeling well!

My dear friend, Lesa, invited me to spend a few days at her house close to Dayton So Friday night I headed southwest...I got here about 8:30 and have been pampered ever since!

Saturday we went visited a little quilt shop in Willington--National Quilting day--buy one get one at half off---ooooo baby! Did find a few fabrics I just had to have??? Also just had to stop at the Fabric Shack! :) Then back to the house and some time was spent sewing....

Made some "bags" (purses) for the girls and myself...

more later............................

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Catching up?

At least I'm trying to! Sent a few days in bed last week with the "crud." Not my idea of fun!! Anyway, am better and trying to get caught up....many basketball games going on this week, Final Four in Columbus for our girls team, and the guys are in Regionals. I can't make it to all of the games, but sure wish them the best of luck..... GO HAWKS!!! This also messes up the work schedule with a 3 PM game two hours away!!! Not sure sometimes if I'm coming or going!

Also start spring break at 5 PM on Friday---AYEEE!!! Plans are to be out of town a few days---wonder who would dare to mess those plans up for me???? Have to decide what I am taking with me as time will be spent sewing/quilting---UNINTERRUPTED!!!! Is it Friday yet?????

Haven't sewn much, played around with some designs tho.......interesting. Am working on "spring" cleaning the house.....temperatures are warmer and the suns been shining so want to get this all done before I leaving the yard to Adin!!! (well, I can dream right?)

So have a good week and I'll check in from Lesa's!


Monday, March 9, 2009

Stacy's finishes another one...

Helped Stacy finish another quilt this past week.......gotta get her to start quilting them too so I can work on my projects!


..........came to help us celebrate Grandpa's birthday!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Busy busy busy...

Been busy around here, not sure doing what, but time slips away from me!

I am still working on the black and silver tired of making 9-patches, but they need to be made! Also helping Stacy.....she definately is "into" piecing quilt tops! She raided my stash again and pulled fabrics for a "Jelly Bargelly." She was home again yesterday and we got the strips all cut and she started sewing them together.....will be intersting to see the final outcome! I also have basted Stacy's third quilt top and hope to start quilting that later this week--oh wait, I have field trip tomorrow, so may have to wait until next week......

Mic is home on spring break, so spend as much time with her and her S.O. as I can......seems we just get involved in a project and I have to go back to work . But, I am thnakful I have a job to go to!

We've also been baking a lot of cookies! Am sure if ther are an left on Sunday, Mic will take them back to school with her! Some days I feel like all I do is cook and clean! Am ok with that too as there are so many days when everyone is gone that I spend alone (and no, I don't like that one bit!)

So for now, I back to the kitchen, another batch of cookies waiting to be baked!