Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Snowed in.....

................. at Ann's! When you are enjoying the company of friend's you tend to forget to watch the falling snow! Before I knew it, the roads were snow covered and icy, so I spent the night and we got to sew some more this forenoon! What a wonderful Monday and Tuesday of throwing ideas around and making progress on our projects and I even started a new one!

My new wall hanging in progress before any borders:

Thursday, December 24, 2009

One more----

finished to be given as a gift! A while ago, Ryan stated that they "needed" another quilt as a sofa throw.....Monday I started digging throw my stack of blocks and found these---decided they would work for their "throw." Finished the quilting last night and into the washer/dryer it went. I am not overly thrilled with the quilting! Being "swapped" blocks, I found not all the fabrics used had been treated equally--ut oh! But I don't think it looks to bad since it's been washed and dried.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More progress.....

.........a jacket has been added to the finished list. The sleeves will be hemmed after "she" tries it on.


......another professional bag has been completed.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

.....Making Gifts

Still working on Christmas gifts. This one was finished this weekend and will go to Shellz's teacher friend:

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Finished hand quilting Stacy's Star Fling quilt early Monday...binding is on, it's washed/dried and ready to go out the door!
Am still working on the "block a week" Pick-n-Choose blocks with Ann, really like how my blocks are turning out altho they ar etotally scrappy!!!!
My design wall is empty right now so have been thinking about the next project. Just not sure what I want to do except it's got to use some of my stash! I do have tops here that I could quilt but need a break to let my fingers heal! Maybe I'll take a break until after the holidays---seriously doubt that tho!!!!


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Still busy.....

Still working on a few projects:

Finished two rag quilts for christmas gifts~

Michelle wanted some bags made to give as gifts~

Still working on hand quilting the red "Star Fling." The end is in sight! Sore fingers or not, I want it finished before Christmas! Hopefully someday I will adjust to wearing thimbles!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Beautiful Skies

As fall is seemingly leaving us and winter is approaching, we have witnessed some beautiful sunrises. Thanks to the kids on my high school routes, I am able to share some of the pictures they have taken for me......

Then one afternoon the elementary kids thought this was "way kewl."

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fleece blankets

......have been on the agenda for this week. Three of them going to "kids in need." Would like to find a pattern to make flannel sheets for them too. I know, I could buy them, but I have sooooooooo much flannel in that tub in there------->

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Seems it took me a long time to adjust to being at home by myself suring the week and sometimes all weekend too. I had finally gotten a routine set up and pretty adjusted......then whamooooo...Adin had an accident and has been home a lot.....I am sooo thankful he only has some bumps and bruises and no one was seriously hurt! His truck is pretty much totaled since the frame is bent so has been using a "day cab" and doing short runs until they get another truck for him to use. Packing him lunches to take along (at 4:30 in the morning) and planing evening meals daily is another adjustment now since I pretty much have been doing salads, etc. for myself. Wanna bet I get used to this schedule and then he's back to long-distance again???? Oh well, keeps life interesting!

Weekly Challenge

My friend, Ann, and I are doing a challenge together--one block a week for 25-30 weeks. Both of us are doing "scrappy." She is doing totally scrappy ( http://granfrysquiltingchaos.blogspot.com/2009/10/finelya-camera.html ) and I am doing Civil War scrappy. So far I have used only fabrics from her and my stashes altho I have a few FQ's I bought at the Woolen Willow (http://www.woolenwillow.com/) last weekend just in case........

...Hobo Bag.......

Shellz wants to give "homemade" gifts to some of her friends at college for Christmas. Since she is not a huge fan of sewing (altho she will help) and is carrying 18 credit hours this semester plus work, she asked if I would help her out.....

So far we have made two Hobo Bags. Not sure we will continue with this pattern or switch to another one as we only have a few weeks to get them all done and she doesn't plan on being home again until Thanksgiving break. They need to be finished so she can take them back with her on 11/29.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


is the way I have felt the past few days...very upset tummy and just plain don't feel like doing much of anything! Feeling better today, so let's cross our fingers that whatever got me is gone!

Did start a "hobo" bag, but need to get the "rings" before I can finish...hope to do that tonight. Not much of anything else accomplished except bakes some cookies for the college kids (who are stopping in town tomorrow night--Yippee!

Now back to work......................

Saturday, September 12, 2009

--Tomato Week---

Wonder why it seems that the work week is sooooo long when it actually was shorter? Only a 4 day work week but it seemed to drag on forever! Now, we are facing that strech of 4 1/2 weeks until another break----God give me the patience! Don't get me wrong, I still feel I have the best bunch of kids (THANKS 'rents!!), but spending around 6 hrs. a day in a school bus with over 130 kids???? Or maybe I am just geting older??? :(

Didn't get any sewing/quilting done this week---it was "tomato land" at our house! But, now we have fresh tomato juice, chili soup, and vegetable soup for the winter months. Am still trying to decide if I want to make salsa or not---

So today I am going to rest my aching legs/feet and not do much! Maybe sit at the hand quilting frame for awhile? Not sure yet, will see what Adin has in mind for the day before he leaves for Texas........

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's A Top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stacy wanted to try a Bargello---ummmm, not sure she was ready for it, but who am I to discourage quilting??????? Guess I should of????? All fabrics except for 1 FQ come from my stash (and yet, it doesn't seem like the shelves have gotten any emptier!)...

Anyway, Stacy started this one but got discouraged so it has been sitting in my studio for a few months.....I decided that this week it had to become at least a top! I NEED "my space" for other projects! I am very happy to say that today it became a top!!! No idea when I'll get it quilted, but at least now I can move on to another project.....

Pattern: Jelly Bargelly
"Black Cat Creations"

Monday, August 31, 2009


Finally have a picture of the Black-n-Silver quilt I made back in April---was given to a friend as a birthday gift in May......Fabrics used: Kona Black and Silver Fairy Frost.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

A busy week~

This past week was soooo busy! At times didn't know if I was coming or going!

~Went to orientation on Monday morning at 8:45. Also got what I hoped were my last new student transportation sheets (nope got more as the week went on)---ummmm this school bus is going to be FULL this year! After getting out of this meeting, I picked up Shellz and we headed towards Wooster to do what we hoped was the last of her school shopping---DETOUR!!!!!! Stacy called and said Kevin got hurt at work and she didn't know how bad, only that they were taking him to Aultman.....we turned around and went to the hospital with her.....We are thankful that Kevin didn't lose his right foot or was killed!!! A farm accident is always serious but Kevin won the fight again the "grain auger" that fell on him! Seven hours after we got to the hospital, surgery was over and Shell and I headed home--did stop at Walmart and got a few "things" but not all needed items. I got to bed very late considering I had to get up early Tuesday morning!

~Tuesday 4:30 AM---WHO set that alarm to go off at this hour??????? Oh, wait, school starts today, guess I better get up and moving (altho I really really want to sleep!) Shower wakes me up! I make my way to the bus garage--yeah, my bus is back from the repair shop! "Pop" the hood--gotta do the daily pre-trip---ummmmm why is my overflow reservoir dry??? Why is there no anti-freeze in it????? So off I go to find one of the mechanics....he adds 3 gallons of anti-freeze, I finish pre-trip and am on the road with the bus at 6:10 AM....good morning with 45 students grades 7-12.........drop them off at the Middle/High School and get to take a 15 minute break? Wait, the mechanics just asked me to recheck the fluid levels in the bus--UT-OH--anti-freeze gone again! Not good, the "leak" must not be fixed properly so #20 will go back to the repair shop and I switch to #18...... (***we have awesome mechanics, but the leak on bus 20 was not an "in house" repair job--had to be sent to "out").... By 9AM, I had picked up 68 students grades K-6 and dropped them off at the elementary school and my morning was done---

Some errands and time with Shell before I head back in at 2 PM..........Great afternoon, (except bus 18 overheating and I transferred once again this time to #15), good kids and day one is over and done!

~Wednesday--Routes went great--between routes Shell and I did laundry and started her school packing. In the evening we joined my brother, Steve, and his family for "$1 hamburger night" followed by some karaoke...woops stayed up a little late, but it was a fun night! (Kevin released from hospital--doing great!)

~Thursday--first day of kindergarten for the Tuesday/Thursday group....NO TEARS!!!!! Great routes today. Finished up Shell's packing and did some grocery shopping for her...just the two of us for a quiet dinner at home, went to visit my parents, then loaded Shell's car.....she will leave for college before I get home in the morning To bed early, I'm whipped!

~Friday--first day of kindergarten for the Monday/Wednesday group....NO TEARS!!!! Another great day on the routes! House very very quiet sice I'm back to being alone.....Stacy called and invited me to their place for dinner so after putting gas in Adin's car for him, I headed to Wooster.....nice relaxing evening!

~Saturday...Adin got in to late last night to get this truck unloaded, so I went with him to unload. Came home for a late lunch, then finished up the cleaning, mowing, etc.....Stacy & Kevin came for a corn roast in the evening. Relaxed by the campfire and listened to the band preview at Garaway........

So no sewing or quilting got done this week! Adin will leave again Monday morning and Shellz is back at Walsh...so its just me this week, maybe I will make it into the studio?????? Ummm, I HAVE to, am behind and the holiday orders are coming in!

But, if you want to meet for coffee/lunch/etc.....give me a shout, I always need a break! :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Last days of "no work"

The time has once again come to prepare for the school year to begin. Ack! I want to stay on vacation! Time has once again slipped away and I didn't get everything accomplished this summer that I wanted to, but that's ok. The summer has been so different for me. No kids at home has left me very lonely at times. Just when I think I have adjusted, a new wave hit me....but it's getting better.

Michelle comes home tomorrow from her summer job--yea!! But she will leave for college again next Friday--booo! Seems impossible that she will be a sophmore in college already---how time flies!

Most of the canning/freezing is done--making sweet pickles today, and want to make some tomoato juice yet sometime. Not overly worried if I don't get it done as I still have some from last year, but like to make some fresh each year. This is something I can do on my Saturday's.

I have been driving for some scrimages the last two weeks. Monday we have orientation and then on Tuesday we roll....can it really be time already?

As for quilting this week.....I am still working on hand quilting Stacy's Star Fling---about an hour a day is all my hands will allow. Am also working on finishing the piecing of her Jelly Bargello. Discovered we were short one fabric--6 cuts at 2 1/2" x 3". I searched and searched for a FQ of this fabric but just couldn't find more anywhere. I finally found a replacement FQ so have now unsewn and all the strips and replaced the 2 1/2 x 3 piece in each strip. I have the top section together and am almost done with section three....maybe I'll get back into the sewing room after dinner tonight?

So, now it's back to the kitchen and the pickles.....................................


Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I've been going through the fabric cupboards and drawers.....now what to do with

~25 nine patches (colors/white)
~33 nine patches (all colored)
~25 red/green/white blocks
~25 chuncky floral/muslin churn dash blocks
~10 black-n-white blocks (have an idea brewing)

These are just some of what I have found so far.......any ideas????


Sunday, August 9, 2009

-On "the wall"--

I started a new quilt while in Tennessee...the "stars" are on the design wall (20 of them).....now to cut the sashings then the borders. Not sure if I'll get them done this week or not.....will see.

I did hand quilt for awhile yesterday, enough to "turn" again. Broke a nail--ouch--guess I should learn to use a thimble?

Friday, August 7, 2009

~Sweet Corn~

Very little going on in the sewing room this week! "The" family has managed to gather up 50 doz ears of sweet corn that had to be put into the freezers (65 quarts) this week! Did some on Monday, then again on Wednesday, and finished up today.....Not even sure I could eat any right now--I am corned out!

I have been stealing a few minutes here and there at the hand quilting frame---going is slow but I see progress.

Am going to be alone for a few days as DH is on-the-road again--I hate when he's gone over the weekend, time drags! Also, it's that time again so I dug out my paperwork from last school year--. Am I ready to go back? Yes and no! I miss the kids but I don't miss getting up at 4:30! And I want the summer weather to last a loooooong time!

Think I'll go sit on the deck with a glass of iced tea and let the water fountain sooth my spirit tonight............


Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I just got home from a wonderful "quilting" vacation! Joined up with some gals in TN for a week of sewing, shopping, etc. Also got to attend the first AQS show in Knoxville--wahoo! Have to get the camera cord from Shellz so I can get some pictures on here, but needed to start updating my blog--I'm getting really behind with this.

I left here on 07/16/'09 and traveled to Bellbrook, OH...stayed with Lesa until we left for TN on 07/19/'09. (we visited "The Shack" on Friday--http://www.fabricshack.com/) Arrived at The Wyndham Smokey Mt. Resort around 5 Sunday evening. (Thanks Sandy & Joy!) Monday and Tuesaday we sewed, got aquainted with the other gals in our group, 7 went to a quilt shop. I managed to get the center of my "Ringo Star" done

and also worked on my "Wyoming Star" blocks. Wednesday we headed to Knoxville to the AQS quilt show...... Thursday, Lesa and I ventured out to a few quilt shops: Two of the shops I really enjoyed:



Friday and Saturday we sewed some more and just "chilled out." I did start a new project too. I wasn't happy with one I had with me and decided to use those fabrics (and a few I bought) to make a quilt I'd enjoy.

Sunday morning, Lesa and I headed to Paducah,KY....loooooong drive!! We visited the National Quilt Museum in the afternoon. Some truely awesome quilts on display! They didn't allow pictures tho :(. http://www.quiltmuseum.org/)

Dinner and motel afterwards and we crashed! On Monday we visited Hancocks of Paducah (http://www.hancocks-paducah.com/)...ummmmm ut-oh! From there we headed back to Lesa's.......long week, but so much fun! I spent an extra day with Lesa (got the borders on the "Ringo Star" and had dinner with friends, Kris, Janet, Lesa, and Cathy Tuesday evening before heading home this forenoon. Since it was pouring rain and I wasn't in a super rush, I headed on over to Cambridge and had lunch with Shellz before finally coming home----now to unpack and put everything back in it's place!

(more pictures later)


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ms. Rylee..........

....is growing and such a joy to have around!

( 6 mo old)

(eating grandma's strawberries)

Stacy quilting?

Well, at least she is piecing quilts! A few more that she has pieced and I quilted for her~

May "Ohio Quilters" Retreat

The first weekend of May brought the Ohio Quilter's to Holmes County again--what a blast! ..As always, the time spent together went to fast...

Made a "Charm" Tote:

A "Raggy Jacket" out of my stash flannels:

and have finally finished the 'Vera Bradley' style bag:

"Turning 20" in Parkersburg~

Spent a few days with friends in Parkersburg, WVA for a mini retreat in April. Make my first "Turning Twenty" quilt blocks.....made enough blocks for two kids quilts:

Star Fling~

I only bought one fabric for this quilt--the rest came from Lesa and my stash and I pieced it during spring break, quilted it last week.

Stacy used the same pattern to make a quilt--ALL her fabrics came out of my stash. We put this one in the hand quilting frame and will get started on it this week:

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The screen on my laptop took a dump! It shattered and most of my pictures are on there! Hoping to finally hear from the repairman this week on a replacement??

I have been busy and will add some updates as soon as I can get the pictures!


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring break

This week is Spring Break for the school district I work for--YEEEHAAWWWW!! What a wonderful time to rest and relax after pushing myself to go to work when not feeling well!

My dear friend, Lesa, invited me to spend a few days at her house close to Dayton So Friday night I headed southwest...I got here about 8:30 and have been pampered ever since!

Saturday we went visited a little quilt shop in Willington--National Quilting day--buy one get one at half off---ooooo baby! Did find a few fabrics I just had to have??? Also just had to stop at the Fabric Shack! :) Then back to the house and some time was spent sewing....

Made some "bags" (purses) for the girls and myself...

more later............................

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Catching up?

At least I'm trying to! Sent a few days in bed last week with the "crud." Not my idea of fun!! Anyway, am better and trying to get caught up....many basketball games going on this week, Final Four in Columbus for our girls team, and the guys are in Regionals. I can't make it to all of the games, but sure wish them the best of luck..... GO HAWKS!!! This also messes up the work schedule with a 3 PM game two hours away!!! Not sure sometimes if I'm coming or going!

Also start spring break at 5 PM on Friday---AYEEE!!! Plans are to be out of town a few days---wonder who would dare to mess those plans up for me???? Have to decide what I am taking with me as time will be spent sewing/quilting---UNINTERRUPTED!!!! Is it Friday yet?????

Haven't sewn much, played around with some designs tho.......interesting. Am working on "spring" cleaning the house.....temperatures are warmer and the suns been shining so want to get this all done before I leave......am leaving the yard to Adin!!! (well, I can dream right?)

So have a good week and I'll check in from Lesa's!


Monday, March 9, 2009

Stacy's finishes another one...

Helped Stacy finish another quilt this past week.......gotta get her to start quilting them too so I can work on my projects!


..........came to help us celebrate Grandpa's birthday!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Busy busy busy...

Been busy around here, not sure doing what, but time slips away from me!

I am still working on the black and silver quilt....so tired of making 9-patches, but they need to be made! Also helping Stacy.....she definately is "into" piecing quilt tops! She raided my stash again and pulled fabrics for a "Jelly Bargelly." She was home again yesterday and we got the strips all cut and she started sewing them together.....will be intersting to see the final outcome! I also have basted Stacy's third quilt top and hope to start quilting that later this week--oh wait, I have field trip tomorrow, so may have to wait until next week......

Mic is home on spring break, so spend as much time with her and her S.O. as I can......seems we just get involved in a project and I have to go back to work . But, I am thnakful I have a job to go to!

We've also been baking a lot of cookies! Am sure if ther are an left on Sunday, Mic will take them back to school with her! Some days I feel like all I do is cook and clean! Am ok with that too as there are so many days when everyone is gone that I spend alone (and no, I don't like that one bit!)

So for now, I back to the kitchen, another batch of cookies waiting to be baked!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stacy's first quilt---

Finally picked up the thread and finished quilting Stacy's first pieced quilt.......

Saturday, February 14, 2009


So many t-shirts! Michelle had drawers full! She selected some of her "milestone" ones and we made this quilt: (most of the others were donated--finally!)
(As you can tell, the kitty wanted to play hide-n-seek!)

She's so precious-


Mommy has that camera again!

Unwrapping all those gifts has made me tired!

Amber quilts:

Having quilting friends in from different areas of Ohio for some fun, inspired my daughter-in-law Amber! Here's the crib quilt she made (it was really hard to get a good picture showing the colors!) in pink, lavender, green, and blue.... I think she did a great job! Now to get her to start the next one-