Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ohio Quilter's BOM....

......for April! Yes, I know, it's almost the middle of May and I am just now posting my block! I did finish it in April, just being a slow poke in blogging. With the last few weeks of school upon us, it's been a wild ride like always, but only 12 more days till summer break!

BOM update:

Work on my 3CreativeStudio block of the month is up to date until the next one is posted this weekend.


..was awwwesome! Had a lot of fun chatting, eating, sharing ideas, eating, sewing, eating, shopping, eating with the other gals there! Seems time just goes by so fast when we are together and all to soon it's over!

Wedsnesday evening I picked up Pat and we headed out to find dinner somewhere--ended up at Mrs. Yoder for a wonderful buffet--yummy! I left for home soon after as I still had to do the 4:30am on Thursday :(....I did take my sewing machine and project bag into the conference center before going to work at 2:30 Thursday afternoon. I could hardly wait for 5:00 to roll around that day! Ann's daughter brought her down and I convinced her to bring us some taco salads for dinner--yummy! I only stayed until about 10:00 Thursday evening as I was sooo tired from getting up early and working.

Friday: Up and out of the house by 8! (actually was awake earlier) The machines were already humming when I arrived at the conference room---coffee and I was ready to go- I spent most of the forenoon working on my BOM's, trying to get them caught up. In the afternoon I started a new project(s)....I know, I'm supposed to be finishing up all the UFO's around here...but.......... Catered dinner this evening followed by an awesome "show-n-tell" time. Took Ann home then vwent to find my bed around 1AM.

Saturday: Started sewing about 8:30. Still working on my new projects and also getting very inspired by some others I see coming together--more wannados! Just like I need those! NOT! Took Pat on a drive with me to find lunch and also a filled corn crib she wanted a picture of....sooo much fun! I was kind-of sluggish for a while in the afternoon, think I needed a nap! Mic stopped in on her way to Stacy's and brought me a Pepsi--thank you again! I did manage to get one project about 3/4 done, didn't cut enough yellow, and the other is about 1/2 done, before I had to pack up and leave. I didn't go back on Sunday morning this year as hubby had to leave by 12:30 and Mic was also leaving by 2, so wanted to spend a little time with them.

But, the question is....Is it retreat time yet???? I can hardly wait for the next one!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

"♡★♡ `·. ♡★♡ , ·´ ♡★♡ ♡★♡ `·. ♡★♡ `·. ♡★♡ , ·´ ♡★♡ ♡★♡ `·. ♡♡♡♡ TO ALL THE MOM'S OUT THERE, WISHING YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL MOTHER'S DAY!!! ♡♡♡♡ ♡★♡ `·. ♡★♡ , ·´ ♡★♡ ♡★♡ `·. ♡★♡ `·. ♡★♡ , ·´ ♡★♡ ♡★♡ `·. ♡★♡ "