Monday, April 26, 2010

Time Out!!!!

I am so wanting to get a lot done here at home before retreat and also getting things ready for retreat......but it's time for a "time out!" Thought retreat would be a great time to make a quilt I saw in a magazine but never got around to it and it would help use up a lot of my stash. So today as I finished up the laundry, I starting the cutting of the fabrics. All went so well, I got everything but the background fabric cut before I had to go back to work! Sweet!

After work, I had plans to meet a friend for dinner, but we both decided we jus twanted to go home since it was raining, windy, and actually colder! A hot bowl of home made vegetable soup was on my mind and tasted so yummy......then back to the sudio I went. Wait! What did I do wrong? I reread the cutting instructions and discovered I had cut 200 pieces of assorted blues the wrong size! gggggggggrrrrrrrrrr I am sure Kim in Hawaii could hear my moans and groans! Now, I have 200 assorted 2 1/8 x 3 3/4" blues and they won't work in the pattern! So if you happen onto a pattern needing these miscuts, let me know! Think this project will be put on hold and I'll find something else to work on....thought about cutting my Lone Star but not so sure after this mess!

So, now taking a time out--getting a nice hot cup of tea and off to read some blogs! Tomorrow has to be better!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

So close but yet so far away......

............retreat that is! Next weekend this time I hope to be sitting with about 40 other quilting friends at retreat! If all holds out, I'll even get a free day off of work--about time! Now, what to take? I mean, there are UFO's, WIP's, wanna makes.......I just don't know! Usually take to many projects to work on so would like to cut that down this year, but then again, since I live so close, I most likely will grab something else everytime I come home. This year I must get something accomplished besides eating/laughing/shopping!

But, before I can head out to retreat, I have a busy busy week~

~Today I am about to head out with Amber to take in the "Berlin Barn Hunt" then will get to babysit my precious granddaughter tonight.

~Tomorrow I'll get hubby back on the road to Oklahoma again then off to Wooster to tour the Home and Garden Show with Stacy.

~Monday work from 6-9 and 2-5 (dinner with a friend)

~Tuesday work 6-9 and 2-5 but I get to spend the time between with ANN! (Gotta pack my machine and projects tonight!!!!)

~Wednesday I work straight from 6-5 (field trip to Canton) -- will get to see Michelle as she's coming to get me and we will "do" lunch while the students "tour." In the evening I hope to meet up with Pat as she's arriving in town early for retreat.

~Thursday work from 6-9 and 2-5...then over to retreat for a few hours......

~Friday-Saturday is Retreat! Oh how I am looking forward to this!

So, if I have disappeared you will know why! I always have to have my cell phone on so my Mom can reach Dad is doing pretty good right now, but lately has more bad days than good, but I always need to be available.

Have a great week and I'll see you soon!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Progress on Crossing Ohio

I was so upset with myself after the last update of "Crossing Ohi0," that I edited it! A fellow blogger (thanks GF!) notice I had made a mistake in the assembly of my orange block so I have fixed that and went on to make this weeks block. Well, wouldn't you know when I took the picture I noticed I had messed this block up too! Oh man, maybe...........naw, will keep at it! So another repair job was done! I also have a few very intense weeks coming up so I went ahead and made the block for week six.

2003 UFO Completed!

Finally I have made a quilt from blocks I won in a lotto in 2003! I have often looked at these and just didn't know what to do with them.......a few weeks ago I took them along to Ann's and she immediately thought of a way to set them! WOOOT! WOOT!!! I was one block short, so I made a block, goodness knows I have plenty of 30's fabrics! It didn't take long to set the blocks and viola! we have another quilt top! I decided last night it had to be quilted this week off I went. The quilting isn't perfect but I am still learning this method called "machine quilting." But I am soooo happy to have another empty container! (at least for now :) ) Now which container do I dig into next????

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Updates coming soon....

Getting to that time of the year when my schedule flies out the window! The last six weeks of school are always so busy~field trips, prom, ball games/track~ and this year it seems bsier than ever! We have three drivers off due to health related issues so the rest of us try to fill in as much as we can.......

Michelle also finishes up her sophmore year of college April 30th and will need help moving. Altho she's not coming home for the summer, she will most likely have to move across campus. Definately will miss her not being home!

April 30-May 2nd is Ohio Quilter's Retreat! CANNOT WAIT!!!!!! Two -three days of not having to watch the clock! I am not working on April 30--my one free day a year! But now I have to figure out what I'm going to take to work on---UFOs or start something new????? Maybe it's time to bring out my Lone Star I've been wanting to make????? a few days I'll update the latest I am off to get hubby on his way to OK/TX again see you all soon!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Crossing Ohio continued....

At last my third block is completed! Oh what a day it's been! Went to Ann's again between routes and it's a good thing or I may have thrown everything away and given up my love of quilting!

"Mr. Seam Ripper" was awaken for the day by Ann first, then to my dismay he came to my sewing table too for a workout. :( I also discovered I couldn't count when I was cutting my Crossing Ohio blocks---2 1.5" squares short on each block. Since all the fabrics came from either my stash or Ann's I can solve this problem but it totally upset me that I did this! I did discuss a "setting" idea with Ann and we both like it but will have to wait and see if it will work.

Also figured out a layout for some more swap blocks I found in the UFO cupboard...can't wait to start sewing these together now but again, unless I want a small quilt, I have to make a few more blocks to go with them.....will try to do that this week yet.

Time to "chill" for a bit then off to bed to hopefully get a full night's sleep for a change.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I finally finished my "roaming" and accomplished something again! DIL sent me a txt message inviting me to dinner last night, just stop in on your way home from work. So, ok, I stopped in for pizza and a little away time, not to mention some spoiling of the granddaughter! A beautiful evening so we spent some time outside too.

I came home fairly early because I was tired--physically, emotionally, and mentally. Thought I'd go to bed early--haha! Seeing the quilt laying there that needed the seam rippers attention really got to me, so I started removing the quilting. By about eight o'clock I was ready to start again--but, it's almost bedtime but who needs sleep?.....quick shower and then I resandwiched the quilt. Just couldn't stop so I started quilting again.

Today I have a finished quilt (needs washed yet) and another UFO is gone!

Monday, April 5, 2010


The sun is shining brightly, the birds are singing, the wonderful sounds of spring are all around and I am......roaming! First the living room, then the back deck then on to the sewing studio, back outside, back inside---roaming roaming roaming! Had a very messed up holiday weekend and now that Michelle has left and gone back to school, I can't seem to settle down and accomplish anything! Had a good morning at work, hope the afternoon goes as well, but I can't get anything done here at home! I have started about 5 different "things" and not one, no--not one--of them has gotten completed! I am restless!

And I was dumb enough to think machine quilting would be the route to go today?? Oh my, someone needs their thinker examined! Needless to say, what I did get quilted now has to be undone---get ready for a work out o seam-ripper of mine because you will get one!

So, I'm thinking maybe I just need to forget about quilting/sewing something today and start getting my projects together for retreat the end of the month??? I surely can't mess that up can I?? But, what am I going to take to work on? Do I dare to start another new project or do I dig into that UFO cupboard and pull something from there? I really want to start a new project, but can I do that without feeling guilty???? Let's see how I feel after work tonight....maybe just maybe I'll be able to concentrate then????

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wonderful day at Ann's!

Since I am on spring break and didn't have any major plans for yesterday, I ventured up to Ann's for a day of sewing.....oh what fun! It was nice not to have to constantly watch the clock and just relax and sew. Before I went, I dug around in the UFO cupboard-ugh! But now am happy I did because I got a few tops made :) and gained some great ideas and tips from Ann! Altho I didn't get all of the "stuff" done I took with me, I have some great ideas on how to proceed with them!

Both of these were swaps at one time or the other (found one tag that said 2003 :()

This one will become a baby quilt when quilted:

Not sure where this one will end up at:

I also made my 2nd block for our weekly Crossing Ohio Challenge:

A nice walk with the dog and a light salad for dinner and we headed back to the sewing studio! I have to finish taking pictures then I'll post my other "top finish."

This was a wonderful relaxing day for me and I so THANK YOU ANN!!!!!!!