Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Leaving for a mini-retreat tomorrow.....hope to get something done! If not,it's ok--the fellowship with fellow quilters will be reward enough!

See ya in a few days!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Green beans, beans, and more beans!

Yep, got my bushel of green beans this eating them in the winter but absolutely hate the canning process! My dear Mother helped me clean and snap them. Have two canners full going and another two ready to go as soon the first one is done....but oh no, there's more! Me is thinking those will wait until morning! A lot of green beans, but for three families it's not to bad...but where's the help?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

McCall's Quilting Past Issues:


I am looking for the past issues of McCalls Quilting magazine. If you are willing to part with yours, please let me know.

June 2001

I am interested in the Robert Callaham's "Album of Memories."

Friday, July 23, 2010


I am planning on joining the Friday Night Sew-In tonight hosted by Heidi and Bobbi...wanna join in?

Got 2 blocks made tonight--not bad since I am not a fast paper-piecer! So now I have 12 of 30 (I think) made....slowly but surely I'll get the blocks done! Also started getting some things ready for a mini-retreat next weekend....

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Find of the Week!

Moving my sewing studio I came upon this box that I had stuck away three years ago. I got this little shoe box at my In-Laws estate auction and kinda forgot about it........

Took it along to Ann's today and I do believe this wonderful friend of mine can guide me along the way to finish it. Haven't counted the finished arcs or anything, but I don't really care how big or small the quilt will be, it will be a wonderful memorial of my late mother-in-laws piecing!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Growing to fast!

Yes, Grandma thinks her precious granddaughter is growing to fast!!!!! She's such a joy and I love that I get to spend one day a week with her this summer...what will I do come school time????

Sunday, July 18, 2010


was on the adgenda for today. I tend to get side-tracked very easily and quickly when paper-piecing! I don't hate it any more but far from loving the process!!

A year ago Michelle picked out the pattern and fabrics for a quilt and I now only have 10 blocks made! I had intended for it to be done now? I have to find something to keep me motivated to keep working on this! Suggestions???

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Monday, July 12th, 2010, Hubby fell off the back of his trailer when a tarp strap broke while he was "tieing down" his load. He finished the week, coming home on Thursday, before receiving medical help---that's men for ya! He has scrapes and bruises on both arms and legs, and one foot--we haven't figured out why just one foot and basically only one toe!

The x-rays show a hairline fracture in his right wrist, so he's sporting a blue cast on it. I was very nervous with him leaving this afternoon for another run and it being all the way to Oregon!! It took Shellz and me three hours to get him on the road (helping him stock his refrigerator, packing the suitcase, making sure he had everythingm and updating paperwork). Just talked to him and all seems to be going well, just taking a little more time than usual. I just to have faith that the trip will go smoothly and all will be ok!

right arm
right thumb and wrist
cuts and bruises all over

only one toe bruised

the cast

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Crossing Ohio Update

Do you know how long it takes to unsew, pick threads, press pieces, and resew blocks???? It seems like it's never ending! I am ever so slowly getting my Crossing Ohio blocks remade! I now have eleven of the twenty blocks done. I know I'm behind schedule but it's ok as I am so much happier with the new blocks and layout! I am hoping to get back to making at least one block a week again????

New Sewing Studio!!

So I got motivated and have moved my sewing studio into what was the family room! I still need to move one cupboard and some shelves, but need help to accomplish that. Am hoping when Shell comes home this weekend she will help me! I really can't wait to get to sewing again! I think I'm really going to like it much better in this room! Come join me, there's room now!
{room shot}
{cutting table}
{design wall and pressing area}
{sewing table}
I am still working on my idea for the "old" studio! Those pix will come when I'm done in there...

Before the move-

So I was getting to the place where it seemed like I just didn't care about the house anymore. I let "things" lay where they landed and/or others put it.....ACK! Had to get out of that mode pretty quick like 'cause it was driving me crazy, but I just couldn't clean it up! I'm not sure who/what kicked my butt, but I tackled the "job" and won!
These are the before pictures: (hanging my head in shame!)
family room:
Sewing studio:

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fabric is

moved!!!! I am pretty slow at this whole moving thing! I am taking the time to go through my bins, books, supplies, etc. I am making a list of supplies I need to replenish (cutter blades, pins, needles, etc.) Also basic whites/creams/etc. fabrics that I like to keep on hand at all times. Am finding "stuff" I had forgotten about and some I wish I could forget about! All the crap that was on the floor is gone and I can actually walk into the storage room and to my fabric without falling and breaking a leg! There are a few more items that will go into the cupboard, but I am still sorting.

I've moved pretty much all I can for now...I need some help moving the rest. (pictures later) Shellz will be home Friday and has offered to help some. Hope we get done on Friday, altho I don't know since we also will have Ms. Rylee all day, because I am itchin' to sew!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Saturday, July 10, 2010

"The Move" Stage 1

Fighting the "pity mes," this afternoon and evening, I decided I might as well start moving/cleaning/gutting "stuff" so I can move my sewing studio from the back corner of the house out into the unused family room.

Storage/fabric room before:

Accomplished today:

Altho I'm not done in here, I made headways.....the furniture is moved and most of the fabric bins are moved. Need to do some more sorting before I fill the shelves in the cupboard.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Pressing/ironing while piecing quilts

How have are you set up to do your pressing as you piece your quilts? Do you have a pressing table by your machine? Do you have to get up and walk to an ironing board? Do you have a table top pressing mat?

As I am planing on what to take to Mini-retreat at the end of the month, I hae been ponding the best pressing set up to include. There will be one ironing board and iron there, but one of the projects I am planning on taking to work on, takes a lot of pressing, in fact, after each sewn seam! So do I get up and walk each time, or do I try something else? Will a tabletop pressing mat crowd us? How much table space will I actually have? If I have to share a table,will this crowd us????

I think we have found a solution! I went out and bought an inexpensive wooden TV tray and a pressing mat. I was at Stacy's and told her what I had in mind but also told her I wasn't sure what/how I wanted it would work. Basically, how am I going to keep the mat from moving, etc. So once again she and Kevin came up with an idea and it works wonderfully! It's the right height, the pressing area is secure and it's easy to transport! I may add a fabic top yet but not sure.

Digging in totes and corners...

...was on the agenda today. I've had a headache all day and just didn't feel up to sewing. but, if you know me, I can't just sit still either! I have been thinking about moving my studio to another room in the house. We have 1700 square feet in this house, and I'm alone most of the time, so why do I have to be in the back room???? Hubby finally agreeded today so I am sorting, etc. I want to clean up the small room adjoining the new studio room and use it for fabric storage etc. I also know most of the cleaning, sorting, and moving will have to be done by ME!!! Oh well, it will keep me busy!

While sorting and digging today, I found 7 tops that have backing with them that are ready to be quilted and I found 3 tops that need backing then they will be ready. (I keep wishing for a mid/long arm but....) I even found a top I thought was lost! Also found my quilt I had started hand quilting and had to take it off the frame a year ago....think maybe I'll set up one of my frames and work on this again. An hour a day is about all I can hand quilt, but slow and steady will get it done???

I have been trying to use up a lot of my "stash' too. Kris and Jan were here the beginning of the week and shared some of thier magazines with Ann and me. More ideas are now rolling around in my head. With the magazines Ann and I were already looking at, I have chosen another 3-4 patterns I want to make. I pulled fabrics for them and actually emptied my Civil War bin (except for the shirtings)! Pieces that didn't "fit" into the pattern went to Ann for her quilt and/or Dear Jane. So happy to have an empty bin!!! I will have to buy a few FQ's and then I will have 4 more kits ready to go. :) I so want to start them but MUST finish those I have started first!!!!!! Now, if only some of the other bins were empty!!!

Shopping list: 20 plus yards of batting
fabric for 3 backings

Ms. Rylee

Ms. Rylee came to visit on Wednesday.

She took a long nap on Aunt Shellz bed: (actually the pix is when she woke up)

After dinner we went to visit Great Grandma and Great Grandpa....
Here she is drinking Great Grandpa's rootbeer!

"Delft Blue"

Time is marching on and I'm not to sure what I'm getting accomplished!

I do know I finally got my "Delft Blue" blocks into a top! Took me a while to find just the right fabric, but while out shopping with Jan, Kris, and Ann on Tuesday I found it!! So while at Ann's yesterday, I set the blocks and now have a neat top! IF I have enough batting on hand, I want to start quilting it today.