Sunday, February 2, 2014

Bruce is born...

Bruce, the quilted Bear, that is!

I've had a request to make a bear out of "My Grandmother's old, tattered quilt that I have. Could you do that for me?"

Years ago, I did make a "fuzzy" bear for Stacy but no longer had the pattern. I found a "retired" pattern on ebay for less than $2.00 so bought it.  One one of the many snow days that we have had, I decided it was time to try this....

I used a piece of 'prequilted' fabric for this trail run.

Welcome "Bruce!"

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Snow fun...

Woke up to lots of snow this morning. Since the temperatures weren't extremely cold, Rylee wanted to go out with Papa....He had the shovel so she grabbed a dustpan to use!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Making memories with Aunt Stacy...

Ms. Rylee wanted to go see Stacy and Kevin and their dogs the other weekend. Stacy, Rylee, and I did a little shopping then while I kicked up my feet, they made doggie biscuits.

Celtic Solstice...It's a top!!!

Over the 3-day Holiday weekend, I was determined to get caught up on the mystery!

 I accomplished turning all my pieces into blocks and then the blocks into a top!

I was at my friend, Ann's, so didn't have border fabric with me. Late one night she jumps up from her sewing station and says, "I've got it!"  She walked to a bin she had and pulled out a beautiful green piece of was/is the perfect fabric to compliment my top! Thanks so much, my friend!!

The top:

No, it's not perfect, but neither am I and I love it just like this!


Monday, January 6, 2014

Celtic Solstice Step 6 (Reveal)

It's time to sew the pieces into blocks...I have that accomplished but not all by blocks are sewn together! As I'm am laying out the blocks, I am finding mistakes and those take time to fix!  In the picture you will see one block I still need "Jacktheripper's" help....Maybe it will become a top today? Ice and cold cold temps are keeping the schools closed today but I am fighting a monster of a maybe......... take a few minutes and see what others have done: