Tuesday, September 15, 2009


is the way I have felt the past few days...very upset tummy and just plain don't feel like doing much of anything! Feeling better today, so let's cross our fingers that whatever got me is gone!

Did start a "hobo" bag, but need to get the "rings" before I can finish...hope to do that tonight. Not much of anything else accomplished except bakes some cookies for the college kids (who are stopping in town tomorrow night--Yippee!

Now back to work......................

Saturday, September 12, 2009

--Tomato Week---

Wonder why it seems that the work week is sooooo long when it actually was shorter? Only a 4 day work week but it seemed to drag on forever! Now, we are facing that strech of 4 1/2 weeks until another break----God give me the patience! Don't get me wrong, I still feel I have the best bunch of kids (THANKS 'rents!!), but spending around 6 hrs. a day in a school bus with over 130 kids???? Or maybe I am just geting older??? :(

Didn't get any sewing/quilting done this week---it was "tomato land" at our house! But, now we have fresh tomato juice, chili soup, and vegetable soup for the winter months. Am still trying to decide if I want to make salsa or not---

So today I am going to rest my aching legs/feet and not do much! Maybe sit at the hand quilting frame for awhile? Not sure yet, will see what Adin has in mind for the day before he leaves for Texas........

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's A Top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stacy wanted to try a Bargello---ummmm, not sure she was ready for it, but who am I to discourage quilting??????? Guess I should of????? All fabrics except for 1 FQ come from my stash (and yet, it doesn't seem like the shelves have gotten any emptier!)...

Anyway, Stacy started this one but got discouraged so it has been sitting in my studio for a few months.....I decided that this week it had to become at least a top! I NEED "my space" for other projects! I am very happy to say that today it became a top!!! No idea when I'll get it quilted, but at least now I can move on to another project.....

Pattern: Jelly Bargelly
"Black Cat Creations"