Saturday, September 29, 2007

Kid's Quilts

Quilt number two is ready for the quilter! Now to get another 12 blocks made.....

Friday, September 21, 2007

"Comfort Quilts"

I love making "Comfort Quilts!" Giving someone a quilt to cuddle with when they are through a tough time in life warms my heart!

The following quilts were make for "internet friends." Blocks were collected from across the USA and then I set them. Sheryl @ Parkersburg Sewing & Quilting quilted two of them and I quilted one of them on her HQ16.


I am making progress on the quilts for the "kids." Have one border to add to quilt #1 and quilt #2 then they are ready to quilt. Decided to try and make a matching patterned (as #1) quilt for #3. Means I have to make about 24 more blocks! Have the fabric, but finding the time to get them make and into a top before Oct. 12 will be the challenge!

Red, White, and Blue Quilts

What to do with a stack of red, white, and blue quilt blocks that aren't uniform in size? I had 12 swapped r/w/b Star blocks that weren't equal in size. I took 4 of them and trimmed them, yes, I lost some points, but sometime you just have to make the best of it! I then added a narrow red border around each of them. Now, what am I going to do with them?

I used them as a center row for a row x row! Two quilting friends added a row of their own on each side of my row..........Thanks Linda and Sheryl for helping me end up with a great quilt! DS had claimed this one!

I then took the other eight blocks trimmed them and added a blue border. I found eight other Star r/w/b blocks in a bin so took these sixteen blocks and made another row x row quilt. DD #1 has claimed this one.

Monday, September 10, 2007


While visiting Lesa in August, she helped me get started on my BellaBella top......I finished five "wedges" then didn't work on it with school starting and everything else that has been going on with the parents, etc.

An on-line group I belong to, has started challenging each other to work on projects to help keep us motivated. Last week I was challenged to make another five "wedges." I am happy to report, I met that challenge and my BellaBella is slowly becoming a top! Not done yet, but now ten wedges are done! Hopefully you can see the light & dark yellows and reds with the black, white, and green.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Just an update:

Both parents have had their surgeries and are coming along well. Sure has cut into my quilting time, but they do come first, along with soccer games and extra driving.

As for quilting, the Fairy Frost is now loaded onto the frame for hand quilting---basically my winter project. Did take a few stitches yesterday, but this will take a while to finish!

Have been working on my BellaBella top too......paper-piecing so another "slow" one for me, but I'm learning. Also attempted to machine quilt a top on my machine. Don't like it at all so will be "froggin'" and sending it out to have machine quilted or visit a friend that will let me use their machine.

A family whose kids ride my bus had a house fire and the kids have lost everything (the bedrooms received the most damage), so I have committed to making 3 twin quilts for them.....this should keep me busy and out of trouble????