Friday, October 11, 2013

El's Kitchen: My Mother's Apron

The first block I made in this Quilt-Along is called : "My Mother's Apron."

I have decided to use up my 1930's fabrics for this-- I arrived having fabrics in hand but hadn't had time to really 'think' about the block. I cut my pieces and sewed them together but felt it was "blah." Debi was so kind and shared some of her red rick-rack and we added. Sure make the block 'pop!" Thanks Debi! I later added the button instead of a pocket (making a pocket THAT small was just not in the makings!)

Wonder what I'll encounter with the next session????


Monday, October 7, 2013

El's Kitchen Quilt- Along.....

One of my local quilt shops, Somewheresewing, ( is sponsoring a quilt-along featuring  "El's Kitchen." (

Not sure what I have gotten myself into with this as I decided to make a wall quilt instead of the "big" quilt.  Ummmm these blocks are little!! Oh my, I am not a fan of six inch blocks and especially with soooo many teeny-tiny pieces!!!!

We meet about twice a month for sewing time and always make at least one of the recipes in the book. A few weeks ago we had "high tea." Such fun!

I invite you to sew along with us!

(pictures of my blocks coming later)