Sunday, November 25, 2007

Frustrating Day

Why is it when I want to get a lot done, nothing goes right? Trying to get some swap blocks done, first I cut wrong--how can you cut 2.5" strips wrong? I can and did--grrrrrr! Finally have them all cut correctly and start sewing---now I need 14 blocks--no big deal--wrong again! Half of them I had to unsew and redo! After five looooooooooooong hours they are finally done!

Also need to make two more of the 30's blocks so I have enough for a baby quilt....pieces for those are cut. Am hoping to still finish them tonight.

Then I'd also like to start seting my flannel blocks from the 2006 swap, bu I can't find them! Mic and I have turned this sewing room upside down and then some looking for them! I am beginning to think that I took them to retreat with me and left them there..will have to call Sheryl and see or did I take them along to Lesa's and leave them there? Don't think so as I didn't see them last weekend. huuuummmmm

Did get the 2007 flannel blocks into a quilt yesterday before work..It's a "raggy" quilt so still have all the snipping to do. (Picture later).

Now for the good news! I WON a door prize during Planet Patchwoos One Day Mystery Event today!!!!

Hopefully the rest of the week will go much better sewing wise! I need to get a few things added to the finished list before the new year rolls around!


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Sewing frenzy

Spent a few days with Lesa last weekend.....made progress on many "little things." The BellaBella is getting bigger! Am now to the point of connecting the four sections---am stuggling with it, but----am also down to making six sets of HSTs and adding the final borders for the "Wedding" quilt! Yippee! Some "top" finishes coming up soon, at least I hope so! Also made 120 2.5" HSTs for a Jaunty Rail Quilt made of 30's fabrics.

Lesa and I were busy sewing, shopping (ut-oh!), and playing with her new Pfaff mid-arm! Thanks Lesa for a wonderful weekend!

Happy thanksgiving to each of you!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Week of appointments

This past week was our week of multi-appointments! UGH! I think that ehausted me more than working 12 hours days!

Mic had a MRI done on Monday, results on Wednesday. She did tear her ACI (plus other damamge in there) in her left knee. As of now, she is scheduled for surgery on November 30th. There is a lot this mommy has to get done before that day rolls around! I have asked for a week off but haven't been told I can have more than three days.

I am slowly getting the top made for Ry and Amber. Still have to make 20 HST's but need to sew more dark strips together. Wonder how I managed to miscount my strips? I am using the pattern "Ripples."

I am also working on another flannel quilt. These are blocks from last years swap. Still collecting the blocks from this years swap. Yep, a year behind again!

Since it's cold, rainy, and windy outside, I'm off to cuddle with a quilt and a book for this afternoon.


Saturday, November 3, 2007


November and no snow!!!!! Altho the mornings are frosty and nippy, I have been able to go to work with mostly a sweatshirt, but I think that is coming to a hault as there is snow in the forecast..brrrrrrrrrrr..and I don't like driving the bus in the snow, but then, we've made it so far without snow and that's unusal!

Not much sewing going on this week, been running with Mic. She will possibly have ACL surgery yet this month or early December.....not what we had in mind for the holiday season, but..............

A few more "comfort quilts" I've had a hand in making this year: