Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Medallion-Border 3

Today I felt better than I have for a week so actually sewed!! I had the blocks for the next border made but not attacked. They were set and attached today between bus routes!

Gma has been "ucky!"

As Ms. Rylee says: "Gma has ucky!" The yearly fall allergies have hit me! Been dragging around with the "gunkies" now for two weeks! Hopefully on the mend if only the nasty "Yoder" after-illness-cough would go away! My Dad's family almost all have a cough for a week after being sick, and yep, I follow the trend! Have coughed so much my ribs hurt! Each day seems to be better so hopefully by the time the Swiss Festival rolls around this weekend I'll be able to join some of the festivities! So have been going to work then back on the recliner for downtime....time to kick this and get back on track!

Here's hoping you all are healthy and enjoying the early fall weather!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Cateract update:

After spending a looooooong time with the Doctor today, Michelle is scheduled to have a physical to make sure she's in good health (shouldn't have a problem there), and an appoitment with a doctor who will check out her Retina, etc. If all these tests come back clear, she will then have her cateract removed on October 12th. It was also discovered today that she can see almost nothing clearly with her right eye--totally bombed the eye chart test and that really scared me!

Everyone seems puzzled why a 20 year old developed a cateract????? No one seems to be able to explain this....

Continued prayers for her as this is all happening during mid-terms at school....She only has one professor that is giving her some grief over this, but hey, my kids' eyesight comes first!!!! We are tired! Need rest, sleep but don't rest..............

Am I sewing/quilting? Trying but not going so great....."Jack" has been very busy the last days so have walked away from the machine for now. Maybe in a day or so.........

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Cateract? At 20?????

Yes, it's possible! We found out Tuesday afternoon that Shellz has a cateract in her right eye. She went to get her eye exam thinking contacts were in order, but was told after the exam that the doc can't help her as she has a cateract. :( Phone calls were made, ideas/suggestions were given, professional advise was given, and prayers were said.......and off to work I went.

Late Tuesday evening we decided to have Dr. Clemmens office notified and by noon on Wednesday were given an appointment. Monday, we will go see what he has to say and what our next steps are.......We truely would appreciate your prayers!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Baked Potato Bags

A change of pace for a day. I've been making Baked Potato Bags. Here are a few of them.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


I started a new quilt top! I know, I'm bad! But, as you know, I have been working on using up my stash...I think this is the last kit I cut using my Civil War fabric! The blocks are make--used them as L&E's--so now I can start sewing the rows together.......

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back in the "swing" of things

I think! Nothing has been normal for a few weeks so we shall see! Had a fairly rough start to the new school year but hopefully we are all back in the groove by now! I actually got three new students added to my bus list yesterday, so maybe I can finalize my paperwork and turn it in???

  • roster #1--done
  • am & pm directions #1--done
  • seating chart #1--done
  • roster #2--done
  • am & pm directions #2--done
  • seating chart #2--done
  • milage & time chart--done

Wahoo, they are all printed so will be turned in this afternoon! This is a huge weight off my shoulders!

Quilting wise--anything accomplished?????

  1. Puzzle Play--working on the borders (my project I have been taking to Ann's)
  2. Medallion--working on the 36 three inch blocks for the next border
  3. Celtic--still hand stitching the bias strips

I also need to sort through the batting closet and see what I have in there! I would like to get a top into the hand-quilting frame and also need to send a few out to be quilted and maybe machine quilt a few of the smaller ones myself............Yep, I have enough to keep me busy, but.....

Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's Growing--the Medallion Quilt that is.......

It's too HOT outside to do anything (and the school bus is REALLY HOT in the afternoons) so I have been inside as much as possible!

I finally caved and cut the pieces for the next border of the Medallion Quilt. I actually had to force myself to start sewing again! Being in this slump just isn't going to accomplish anything! It has pretty much taken me all week but the next border is attached!

Long weekend coming up and not sure what I'm going to do. Shellz has to work so won't be coming home. Hubby on a two week run that MIGHT bring him home on Monday....Maybe I'll go play in a Rook tournament one day? or just hide out at home alone? or..............