Monday, June 28, 2010

"Bag Friday"

When I was at Ann's on Thursday, she was working on a purse/bag. I liked the pattern and thought it would be a great way to use some of my "Oriental" pieces as it called for 2.5" strips or a jelly roll. No need to buy a jelly roll with that bin of fabrics sittng here staring me in the face!!

I pulled 12 fabrics and took off to Ann's again! (It's soooo much fun NOT having to work right now! I love summertime!) I still need to add the decorative buttons but here's my purse/bag.

Ann's can be seen here:

Friday, June 25, 2010

Crossing Ohio reborn!

I mentioned earlier that I was unstitching all of my Crossing Ohio blocks. Just couldn't come up with a way to set the blocks that I liked. Stacy was home and saw all the pieces laying in my pizza box. After questioning me what was going on and pondering my answer, she sat here playing with the fabrics for a while then, B-I-N-G-O, she has a great solution! I can still use ALL the pieces and be happy with the layout!

(old layout)

(new layout)

BOM top done!!!!!!!

After my 9:30 appointment yesterday,I packed up and went to see Ann.....just love these weekly get-togethers! A lot of "stuff' happened in the past week and we both needed the calming purring of the machines!

I finished the 3CreativeStudio BOM top! I absolutely love it! Now if only it were quilted!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Setting the blocks

Today (well yesterday), between the tornado sirens and the storm, I started setting my twelve 3CreativeStudio BOM blocks. I really didn't know how I wanted to set them so spent some time studying the suggestions they provided. Then taking the three I liked best and did the math to see if I had enough fabric to use one of them. I am pretty sure I won't have to buy any fabric to complete the quilt top! I still have three borders to go, but am pleased with the quilt so far.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Prep Day......

Pat ( came and spent Thursday afternoon through Saturday morning with me. We spent Thursday afternoon and all day Friday sewing with Ann ( I continued to work on reworking my Crossing Ohio blocks--now have four remade. I also worked on a puzzle quilt I started at May retreat--it's not completed but am slowly getting there! Ready to start the borders on it.

Today was the first day I was completely alone since school let out....with cleaning busses and other "running" I seemed to on the go all the time. So, what did I get done today????

First, I really slept in! Woke up at 8:30!! After a quick shower, I ventured out onto the deck with my book and cup of tea. Enjoyed the water fountain and quietness. Was really surprised how quiet it was since we live on Main Street! Not a lot of traffic at all.

We are trying to find a recipe to make our own tomato soup. Tried one out today and am not overly thrilled with it--it's ok, but....... So the search will continue.

I also picked a few green beans--enough for hubby and me a meal once he returns back home. I don't have much of a garden, but "fresh" always tastes so good!

Now into the studio! Pat, Ann, and I were looking at a Celtic Knot pattern book that Vicki ( is using. We decided this would be a great "hand" project and are embarking on this adventure. Whoa is me! I DON'T do applique! Guess I am going to give it a try and we will see how it goes. So I worked on my "layout."

I then went to the sewing machine and made a Crossing Ohio block--needed to give the brain a rest! I cleaned up the sewing area a little after this then went to stay with my granddaughter, Rylee, for a while. She has an innner ear infection and DS and DIL had an appointment. It was cuddle time tonight!

After I came home, I decided tonight was the night I finally am going to cut my fabrics for my Lone Star quilt!! I have had the fabrics for a loooong time, just couldn't bring myself to cut! I have a three day retreat coming up the end of July and am thinking maybe I'll start this quilt???

I feel like I've had a productive day but also know if I hadn't "roamed" the house at times, I would of gotten more done! A few more "alone" days and I'll be adjusted to the quiet and emptiness again! (except I have NO ONE to talk to!!!) It's so different not having to get up at 4:30 or having to drop everything at 1:30 to go back to work, but I do love it!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

UFO 9-Patches

While going through the UFO block piles, I happened upon some bright 9-patches that were left over from a quilt I made for Mic a while ago and orginated as swap blocks. I still have a few left over, but here is the top that came out of them and some fabric from the stash bins. Those stash bins are slowly getting empty!!! Not sure yet, but think this will become a charity quilt once quilted...

BOM update:

I spent the day at Ann's on Thursday. Was nice to get caught up with each other since it had been around two weeks since I had been up due to "life." And we treated ourselves to Taco Salads----yummmyy!!!!
I finally got the May Ohio Quilter's BOM made:
I also got caught up withe the Creative3 BOM:

Now I still need to get the June block(s) made for the Ohio Quilter's BOM.....maybe this week?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Day to Myself..........

....and I am loving it! After the rat-race schedule of the last month of school, working on washing those buses last week, and doing strawberries, I was so ready to hibernate! Today was that day! I decided last night I was going to "sleep in" this morning--yeah right--I made it to 6 am! But then again that is sleeping in if you are usually up at 4:30, right? I took my shower and then since it was raining, again, had my tea and toast in the family room where I could open the door and hear the gently falling rain while reading.

Soon after, I ventured into the sewing studio--oh boy, what a mess! The last few weeks, I just tossed "stuff" and didn't put anything back in it's place--guess I have to try and find my table??? Really didn't take that long to clean up! Thank goodness!

I am behind on the Ohio Quilter's BOM and on the 3Creative BOM blocks so decided to at least get those blocks cut out. They are now "bagged" and ready to travel tomorrow! Also pulled some more yellows so I can continue on another top I started at May retreat. Didn't cut on this yet as I need to put what I have on the design wall so I can pick up where I stopped. I am also still giving "JacktheRipper" a work out as I continue to undo the Crossing Ohio almost ready to give him a rest and restart the construction process again. I do have to decide what color family I want to use as my center block on each block.....yes scrappy but controlled scrappy! :)

Took a break for dinner and now am now ready to spend some time with JacktheRipper again.

On the design wall:

Monday, June 7, 2010

Strawberries-Strawberries-Strawberries! I stated in my last post, Stacy and I did strawberries on Saturday before the tornado passed through. I thought I was DONE with them for this year! While at work this forenoon, Amber asked where she could find some strawberries? Knowing I would be done at work by 10:30, I told her to meet me. After grabing a bite to eat at the Burger King drive-thro, off we went to find her strawberries! By 11:00 we had 32 quarts in the back of her car and were headed home.

When I asked what she planned on doing with these berries,"Freezer Jam, is what I want!?" All 32 quart? Well, those were the plans, but they got changed slightly! My Mom stopped in at the house to drop off my bread (she had been to the Wonder Store) so we gifted her two quarts...A fresh strawbeery pie in chillin' in the fridge, both of us kept some to"just eat." Sold another two quart, and have made 12 batches of jelly and we 'tain't done yet!!!!

Only took a break long enough to eat dinner--hamburger gravy and mashed potatoes! Oh, quite a few of the berries were eaten by my preciou granddaughter,Rylee too. Oh how that girlloves berries!

Tomorrow we will finish the to tired to do more tonight! Can't wait until they are done so I can get back into the studio--I wanna sew!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

A tornado visits us....

...this afternoon! Stacy and I had just finished up the strawberries when hubby came home telling us a town west of us had their tornado sirens going......about then the sirens in our town went off! Not the best feeling in the world! We delayed Stacy leaving for home as the sky was getting really dark and not a bird could be heard! I am so happy we did as she would driven right into a tornado!!!!

Our State Route through town runs east/west and the darkest skies were to the north of the road.......standing on our back deck,which is just south of 39, we watched the rolling dark clouds then as the rain drops began to fall hurried inside and to safety as the sirens blew again.....
Yes, a tornado passed through less than 2000 feet from my back yard but we were spared any damage! Several businesses were damaged, some barns on nearby farms were damaged, a few houses lost roofs or parts of them (including my Aunt), trees uprooted, power lines downed, and more flooding but at last report--NO ONE was injured!!!!

at my Aunt's House (also lost their garage roof)

Storms bring water and flooding everywhere!

We have been having horrible storms the last few days. Tornado warnings and thunderstorms have been abundant! We have had about ten inches of rain in two days! Lots of flooding in town! And it's still raining.

clouds rolling in


over 4'" of water in the plant DS works

loading docks under water

roads and streets closed

Hoping the sun shine again tomorrow!!!!!!

Crossing Ohio

has been put on hold for me!! So I am back to square one on this project. I am in the process of using "Jacktheripper" on this! After arranging and rearranging different layouts, we just couldn't come up with a setting that pleased us! My oldest DD, Stacy, came up with a new idea and I can still use most of the pieces! I am still taking the blocks apart so don't have a picture of the new one but hope to soon!

Graduation Quilt

......for Matt.

I started putting this quilt together during May Retreat. Didn't get it done nor did I have any special plans for it except to use up stash! About three weeks ago, Stacy asked if I had a quilt they could give to a friend of their's as a graduation gift? This came to mind, but it wasn't done! I devoted a few days between routes to get the piecing done (it was to hot for me to be outside during the day anyway). I quilted it in-the-ditch on a Saturday afternoon when no one else was home. So here's Matt's gift.

I do plan on using this pattern again as it's a great way to use up stash!

Behind....... everything! Not only I behind in posting to my blog, I am belind in life happenings in general! I knew the last month of school would be a whirlwind but I sure didn't expect the total madness! But...I have survived and will take my time getting caught up!

I spent the last week cleaning/washing the inside of 15 of the 26 school busses in our fleet. Hot-n-dirty work in an understatement! There are a few more on my list, but I am ready to hand over the bucket and hose to someone else! One bus is still out at the big repair shop and can't be done for now....the other two will be done on Monday. Eight have been cleaned by the drivers they are all shiny and clean for state inspection and the new year come Aug.

Am also in the middle of strawberry season--yummy! Have two batches of freezer jam made so far. Will freeze some yet for winter enjoyment and want to made a dessert of some kind for tomorrow.

So off to clean strawberries in a few minutes!