Friday, February 19, 2010


At this time of the year, flannel quilts are so wonderfully warm! I've been swapping in a yearly flannel swap for close to ten years now.....This week I decided to dig out the last of the blocks I had and get them into a quilt top.(plus it helped keep me warm!) Trying to stick to my "no buy" challenge, I went into the flannel cupboard---found some yellows, so they were used. May have to break down and buy the backing, but I do have a nice bright piece of flannel, if only it's big enough!

Then for some simple sewing...I made a few "Wonder Wallets." I don't like taking my purse on the bus (plus there's not a lot of room to store it), so decided one of these is just what I needed! I can carry my license, a few dollars, etc. in it and tuck it into my coat or jean pocket!

Now, it's Friday so I must get a few household chores done. After hubby leaves again tomorrow (well, he's gotta get home this afternoon first!), I'll be free to dig out another UFO, work on my current challenges & BOM's, or maybe dive in and start a new project???

Happy Quilting!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010


---you just have to bite the bullet and do something you just hate! I absolutely hate mending! But, Hubby has a coat he wears all winter altho it's old and somewhat tattered, but it's warm. He busted the zipper and the pockets were torn so badly, anything put into them was lost. So, while out and about with "the college kids" yesterday, I finally bought a replacement zipper.

Today, after the snow was shoveled again and the kids left...I made new pockets and attacked them...AND.....I actually replaced that zipper! Now, when he gets back from Texas, he will have his coat again :).

As a reward I made block 6 of one oof the BOM's I doing. The lighting wasn't very good today so the purples look blue.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Delays, no school, snow , any quilting?

Another week of messed up schedules! With a delayed start on Monday, I simply didn't get anything done at home! Another snow storm kept us home Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday so I really tried to accomplish something besides shoveling snow!

I managed to get Stacy's very bright Bargello quilted and the binding on! (all but one FQ came out of the stash--yes!)

I also got my 5th block made in the 3Creative Studio Series (

Off to see if anything will get accomplished this week?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow Storm Hits

The weatherman predicted a snowstorm for our way did we expect the 17 iches of snow with winds! I was all set to spend today in the sewing studio but those plans changed! There was no way I could let Hubby do all the snow shoveling alone! He started by digging out the back sidewalk as I got a pot of chili simmering.....following our lunch I ventured out to help him shovel. Now I need to relax before I even think about quilting! A nice cup of hot tea with a piece of freshly baked carrot cake and and I'll be ready to head into the studio--at least I hope so!
.......Main Street is where?
.......and the sidewalk is here?
.......Hubby's car is snowed in

.......finally found the driveway

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ohio Quilter BOM-February Block

Ummmmm.not happy with my block--ya see the center of one block just doesn't come to a point. :( I do believe this block will see some frog-stitchin' and a section remade!

Delft Blue~

My friend, Char, is hosting a "Delft Blue-n-White" how could I say no to this since these are some of my favorite colors??? She sure knows how to entice me! So I need one block per swapper by March 30th.....think I'll get them done before March 29th???? You know me, wait until the last minute then stress! I made my sample block and found I had to adjust either the cutting of the fabric or the seam allowance...the second block looks a lot better! So far there are only ten swappers and I already know I'll want at least twelve blocks.....I went digging in the stash and came up with fabric to made a different pattern to add to my "swapped" blocks once they return. Now to find another set of fabrics and pattern. I want all twelve blocks to be a different pattern.....

block I will be making to swap after I make adjustments (this is the sample block--not swap worthy!)

Block I made to add to the collection:

Monday, February 1, 2010

Clean-up Progress

...Did get some of the clean up done tonight after a relaxing dinner at Park Street Pizza!

I also took the time to "bag" on-going projects( BOM's/Pick-n-Choose/30's Wall Quilt/Pink-Green paper piecing/etc.) now hopefully I can find them when I want to work on them! More later on the "new" project I started too I just couldn't resist! :)

Frustration has set in......

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING seems to be going right! Not only in sewing/quilting, but life in general....Deep down in, I know if I can get over this "bump," all will be ok, but, man-------

Taking a look at my mess in my studio, it's no wonder I get frustrated when I walk in the door instead of finding the calmness I am used to! This is supposed to be my place to go to regroup/calm down/chillout---you get the idea. Well, I don't think this is doing the trick right now~

Sooooo I have decided I need to stay home tonight (well, once I get home from work) and clean up this clutter! {would much rather go watch the girls basketball game} Hopefully the pieces will all fall into place and my sewing adventures will all come together tomorrow as planned?