Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Time is flying by! I am on break and loving every minute of it!

Christmas was a happy time at our house. Just the seven of us but we had fun eating exchanging gifts, and playing games!

Mic is coming along really well with her fact, if her brace arrived, she will throw away the crutches tomorrow--oh happy day! She is walking around the house without them anyway but they protect her when she is out and about. We are so thankful that she has very little pain! Only occassionally uses Advil--no prescription drugs anymore!

Most of us are fighting allergies right now--it's no wonder! First is below 32 the warms up to 45 on Christmas day...crazy Ohio weather! Have had a lot of rain again but at least it's not SNOW!!!

I've been working on my TWiO beginning to wonder if I'll ever get it done? Moved my sewing room into the living room today setting up two tables. Have some quilting friends coming tomorrow to spend a few days. My sewing room is just to small for more than one person so we are taking over the living room!

Now I must get some sleep as I know I won't sleep much the next 2-4 days as we tend to sew late into the night/morning when we get together! Oh I can hardly wait!

Wishing you all a safe and happy New Year.


Monday, December 10, 2007

Sunday, December 9, 2007


Cleaning--YUCK! I hate to do it, but it must be done! This week I worked on getting my sewing room back into a presentable condition! It was messy and dark! Tubs and bags stashed everywhere and half the time I couldn't find what I needed/wanted although I was sure I had it!

Before: (because of the poor lighting, you can't see the mountains piled under the table)


I still have a set of shelves that need to be sorted, but at least now I know what I have and can find it! Oh, and it's a lot nicer sewing with more lighting! The ceiling fixture needs an electrician and he can't come until later this month.
As far as sewing/quilting this past week. I did finish a baby flannel rag quilt. I will either store it for future grand kids or give it to my neighbor who is due on Christmas Day.
I also worked on my BellaBella. I need to add the center circle and it will be pieced. Want to pick up a yellow thread first. Need to find a quilter for this one.
Then I started setting my Autumn Trails blocks...need to make more blocks to have a nice sized lap quilt. So I guess I know what to work on in my spare (?) time this week! DD starts rehab and I am driving more as we have a lot of Holiday concerts to take the kids to plus basketball games. Company coming Friday so also need to make sure the whole house is spotless! Maybe I should go grocery shopping too so there is food here too????
Have a wonderful week!

Saturday, December 1, 2007


Mic had her ACL surgery yesterday. Long 12 hrs. in the hospital but she's home and is doing great so far. One pain pill every 4 hrs. seems to be enough for now. She had a great night last night (only got me up once) and is about to settle down for tonight. Did have some visitors this evening and she enjoyed that.

Back to see the Doc on Wed. then will find out when rehab begins (ut-oh). She's been doing the little stretch/bend exercises he told her to do so am hoping thatis helping.

Thanks for your prayers!


Flannel Quilts

So have you ever made a flannel quilt? I'm not fond of working with flannel, but I just can't pass up that yearly swap! The quilts are soooo warm! This year we did our blocks a little different, raggy style! Got my oldest daughter, Stacy, to swap too so we'd have more blocks. Of course, she then got the finished quilt too!
(front) (back)

I also am working on finishing last years blocks. Am waiting on the last border fabric to arrive as I ran out and had to order more...Mic will get this one then all my kids will have warm flannel quilts. Does mom get one next year?

Also pulled out a raggy baby flannel quilt I started about 2 years ago and never finished. My neighbor is having a baby around Christmas Day....might make a nice gift?