Thursday, February 28, 2008

February blues?

Even though we haven't been having schoool, ie work for me, I am not getting much of anything accomplished! All the snow/ice/wind/cold has me hiding in the house, but no energy to quilt. Seems all we get done is shovel snow and then shovel again!

Did manage to find a small car that Mic will drive to replace the Explorer. Her dk. green Neon arrives next week. Not exactly what she wanted, but the price was right and we got a great deal on it, so.............

Did get the taxes done and the wedding rehearsal dinner menu made. Since the wedding has been moved up to 5/17 and Mic graduates the next weekend, I needed to get started on menus, etc. Have part of the graduation party menu done.......thinking on the line of appitizers/finger foods so suggestions appreciated!

All to soon it is time to head back out the door....have to readjust to the "normal" schedule again! Maybe I will feel like quilting this evening? Sure hope so because my machine is calling my name! Can you hear it too?


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Another UFO completed!

Time marches on.....winter is still with us! The cold wind chills, ice, & snow gave us three days off last week but I still didn't get much quilting done! Mic and I did get a room ready for our exchange student arriving from Germany on March 7th. Since we were cleaning and moving furniture around, we did our spring cleaning early. Just have to do the drapes/curtains and windows when it decides to warm up outside!

Ry & Amber have decided to move their wedding date up to May 17th! With Mic graduating on the 25th, I will be extra busy the next few months! I did get a chance to go visit Lesa over the long weekend. Met up with Janet and Kris for some fabric shopping and lunch on Saturday. Sure was fun!

I also got the quilt quilted (and the binding on) that will be given to Ry & Amber as a wedding gift. Another UFO crossed off the list! Also got my Autumn Tints blocks into a top. Then I cut out 4 more of my "God's Eye" blocks. All to soon it was time to head back east! At least I beat the sleet/snow home!
(Ripple Effect pattern)

Am thrilled we only have a four day week this week. I find it harder and harder to go to work each day, but alas, if I don't work, I can't play! (and I love my hobby and traveling to visit other quilters!)


Monday, February 11, 2008


Another day off school due to the sub-zero wind chills. bbbrrrrrrrrrrr! Was all to happy to crawl back into my warm bed this morning! Finally about noon, Mic and I ventured out. First stop was the local sherriff's department to pick up a copy of the accident report she was involved in last Wednesday. We are thanking God she wasn't hurt more than bumps and bruises! Can't say the same about my Explorer! After twelve years, I have to say good-bye to my old faithful! Then again, cars can be replaced, my kid can't! Mic was not at fault, the driver of the other car blew a tire and came left of center, side-swiping her.

We stopped at the bank, depositing paychecks, then went on another prom dress hunt! Finally after three shops and trying on A LOT of dresses, she found the dress she liked! So one more thing I can cross off my list! YEAH!

Haven't been doing any sewing/quilting! Just to darn busy with everyday stuff. I am hoping to get back to my machine this week sometime, I hear it calling my name. Can you heard it too???

IF we get another car by Friday, I would like to go see Kris and Lesa over the weekend since we have a long weekend again. Will see what happens as the week goes along.

Stay safe and warm! They tell me spring IS just around the corner!