Monday, October 24, 2011


of quilt tops that are stored and need quilting is in progress....

So far I have seven tops hanging here with the backings that need to be quilted. I am at the point of hiring someone to machine quilt them for me--nothing fancy, just get them done! Any suggestions?

I have also found three that I need to buy/make backings for. I am sure there are more since I haven't opened some totes yet! I won't even start with the half done/started tops as of yet! For some reason I am finding that I have become a "topper!" Is there a cure????????

Thursday, October 13, 2011

"I Have A Notion"

is the first quilt I finished for me here at the new home! It hangs in my studio! Years ago I swapped "notion jar"blocks with some friends and now I have a nice wallhanging for my room!

On the Wall

right now is the beginnings of a very scrappy blues/tans/creams quilt. This so out of my element!!! I am trying really hard to stay true scrappy, but......

So far I have used 5 1/2 yards of fabric pieces for the blocks all from stash! Not sure what will be used for the borders, just may have to have some fabric retail theraphy for those!

Andy's Quilt

Mr. Miller's grandmother hand-pieced this quilt top for him but didn't get it quilted before she passed. I was asked to sandwich it and quilt it......Beautiful Trip-Around-The-World!


time has gotten away from me! Not sure where the time has gone but I know I am behind in almost everything!! Work has been a challenge but slowly getting into the routine......But it's sad that we count the days from one break to another! This to shall pass! (at least I hope so or it's going to be a loooong year!)

Am loving the wonderful fall weather between the rain! But, let it rain because then it's not that white stuff!!! Slowly getting everything setup in my studio and the new home. Taking my time and still changing my mind alot! Also still sorting and purging all the "stuff!"

More in a bit......