Sunday, September 8, 2013

Challenge: Block #1

We have been challenged to "leave our comfort zone!"  Ummm this is HARD for me to do, but I am going to try! All I can do is try, if I fail, at least I tried...right???

Block 1..Apple Core

Curves? Template? Are you kidding me?????

Ok....calm down and at least try! After four hours I succeeded! (Only had to remove and redo 1 seam!) Yeah!!!

I have decided to do this challenge "scrappy." Will see how that goes as we all know I am not a "scrappy" quilter, but I'm trying!


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Quilting Vacation

in Eastern PA with a few friends was on the agenda for June 2013. Five of us headed for East Stroudsburg, PA on May 31st for a week of relaxing and quilting.

A few accomplishments of the week:

My Lime Green/Hot Pink is a top!!

A Finish for me!!

Another one ready to quilt!

Debbi also took the time to try and teach me how to's a "slow-go" but I am working on it.

Car Crocheting

Some evening/late night adventures:

Plus the beautiful mountains and skies:

Very Relaxing and peaceful...Hope we can do it again!

OH MY!!!!

I have been bad and not kept up with the Blog....I will try to do better!

Not sure where the time has gone but Fall is in the air! I had a very busy summer but not sure what I accomplished! Ever have times like that? I traveled some, spent time at a retreat, spent time with family and friends....Now I am back to work and have very limited free time. So will try to get caught up soon....