Monday, June 13, 2011

Spinning Black and White

Altho I still don't remember who all swapped with me in this swap, the top is done. Another one added to the "to be quilted" pile. Would be nice if these tops just magically quilted themselves!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Looking for

the ladies that swapped in this Pinwheel swap with me? Were you one of them??? Please contact me if you were! The blocks are all done in black/white/wob/bow.

Using scraps......

So many scraps! Time to "get-a-grip" on them! I was intrigued with Bonnie Hunter's pattern ( Out on a String. Pat had two 6' diamond rulers so I changed my stars from 3" to 6". I am also using one fabric as the center for each star--I know, controlled scrappy again, but it's a start!!! Not sure how many stars I will make yet....

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"My Time"

.....was spent at a friend's house for a few days. I left Monday forenoon and will travel back home tomorrow morning. We spent time sewing/quilting, chatting and having lunch with more friends. Also did a little shopping.

Progress: Disappearing 9-Patch top is completed-

A "Shelley" bag was made:

I continued working on my "Sewing Jar" blocks and my black-n-white Pinwheel blocks. My string blocks have been started, and I tested a "scrappy Majestic Mountains" pattern. All in all, a great feeling of accomplishment and a time of relaxlation!!!!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

A day of stash management

was on the agenda for today. I have so many pieces of fabric I'll never use in a current/future project. Often have to ask myself WHY did I buy that????? Spending a lot of time sewing/quilting with Ann has opened my eyes to the "Scrappy World." No, I still can't make a totally scrappy quilt by just picking up strips/etc., but I am working on it. I can do "controlled" scrappy...guess that's a start?

Anyway, today I decided I needed to actually DO something with some of these fabrics instead of moving them from place to place! At Ann's on Thursday, I remarked there's a pattern I'd like to make but don't know what colorway--yet you guessed it, her remark was "well, scrappy, of course!" All day yesterday I thought about this. Can I really do it with some of these no-longer-wanted fabrics?

I started by pulling out the bins and started by cutting 8.5 inch squares...I needed 66 of them. Ummmm I've cut them with no repeats--ut-oh!!!!! The unused pieces went into an empty bin. I did use all one fabric for the co-ordinating fabric, so once again I have a "controlled scrappy" kit cut out.

I started with 5 bins full this size: (they were full!)

now all fabrics are in bins this size and I can actually find something!

well, all but this:

Now I need to figure out HOW to cut these into useable scraps??????

T-Shirt Quilt

A while back I was asked to make a t-shirt quilt for a friend's daughter:

School's Out!!!!!

And I think I am once agian "amoung the living!" Every year the last month of school seems to get busier and busier! In the mist of all this Michelle finished up her Jr. year of college and had to be moved. I sadly missed the Ohio Quilter's Retreat because of this move. Unless something drastic happens, so won't have to move now until the end of her college life and depending on the job, she will stay where she's at.

Again, I helped out at the bus garage after school ended washing buses inside getitng them ready for State Inspection. Started with a list of 8, which grew to 15 then 16! Finished that up on Thursday morning then quickly headed to visit Ann before they found more! My arms and back are still achy, but it paid good and that's fabric money!!! :)

Now I intend to enjoy my summer off--at least for awhile!