Saturday, July 9, 2011

Not what I had planned

on doing today!!

I wanted to keep working on my snowball blocks between loads of laundry, etc. But, while runnning a few errands this morning, Hubby and I decided to stop at the local produce stand. Seeing all the green beans she had, reminded me that I needed to order some to can and stock the shelves for winter......was very surprised to find out she had extra today and I came home with a bushel of green beans! Hubby helped clean and snap them or I'd still be at it! So, three families will have beans to eat this winter if nothing else!

Now, next week I can sew?????

Friday, July 8, 2011

Snowball Blocks...........

is what I worked on today....didn't feel like packing/sorting so I got a start on my swap blocks.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Stash Enhancement

was on the agenda yesterday and today!!! It felt soooooo good to be able to add to the collection!

Quilt shops visited were: Mrs. Miller's in Charm, Pine Tree in Kidron, Somewheresewing west of Millersburg, and Lone Star in Mt. Hope. Also made a stop at Pat Catan's! Had so much fun with Pat and Becky!!


Finally I have put my "Sewing Jars" into a top!! I am hoping to use this as a wall hanging in my studio after we move......

Fun Times

with an unplanned visit from friends! Got a phone call asking if they could visit for a few days??? DUH!! My house is a mess with packing boxes/newspapers/stacked boxes/etc.....but if you can deal with it, come on!!!

Today we visited two quilt shops and a craft store--lunch on the go and then pizza/salads for dinner.

Due to Amber having a flat tire, we got to see the son, Ryan, DIL, Amber and MS. Rylee to! I think this is the first Rylee actually saw me sewing. I walked away to press my project and this is what I found when I returned: (thankfully I had turn the machine off!!)

Monday, July 4, 2011


is what we will be doing Aug. 6th so my time has been spent sorting though our "stuff." What to keep? discard? Where did all this stuff come from????

Did a little sewing with friends last week, but not near enough!! Have a few new ideas just waiting to be started, but until I am in the new studio, it's just not gonna happen.

So, until I have something exciting to update---I'll just take breaks and read your blogs.........