Monday, November 26, 2012

"Jared Takes A Wife"
@ Bonnie Hunter workshop
In June I was privalaged to attend three workshops taught by Bonnie Hunter. What a fantastic but intense three days!! And, yes, three more UFO's were born!!! 

This quilt is now completed and keeping Ms. Rylee warm when she is at her Daddy's house.  

Strolling Down

"Easy Street" with Bonnie Hunter!

Another new Mystery Quilt has begun....Oh, how I am hoping I can keep up this year!! I have been going through my "stash" and have selected my fabrics. They are sitting in a basket just waiting on their turn to finally become a quilt!!

Won't you join in the fun????


I decided to use only one grey and have replaced it with a darker one hoping to make the black-on-white "pop" more.

I have cut my 2 inch strips of black-on-white and my grey. I have 120 of the 192 4-patches made. I will get the rest made when I get home from my "mini vacation."

Finally got the rest cut now to get them sewn. It's been 'one of those weeks,' Love when we only have a four day week, but it sure throws me off schedule!



It's been a long summer full of "stuff!"

A lot of time was spent with different family members in the hospital, during surgeries/recovery/etc.  Not sure where all the time went!

Only got to do a little traveling between the "Mom/Nurse" duties....will try to catch up on all that later!

School is back in full swing and for the first time in twenty-some years, I wasn't preparing "someone" to go back to school---felt odd! Well, I was going back but not as a student! Have to keep those wheels rolling on my "Yellow Beast!"

All is well in our little corner of the world and I will attempt to get posts/pictures up over the next few days/weeks!!

---stay tuned!