Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fleece blankets

......have been on the agenda for this week. Three of them going to "kids in need." Would like to find a pattern to make flannel sheets for them too. I know, I could buy them, but I have sooooooooo much flannel in that tub in there------->

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Seems it took me a long time to adjust to being at home by myself suring the week and sometimes all weekend too. I had finally gotten a routine set up and pretty adjusted......then whamooooo...Adin had an accident and has been home a lot.....I am sooo thankful he only has some bumps and bruises and no one was seriously hurt! His truck is pretty much totaled since the frame is bent so has been using a "day cab" and doing short runs until they get another truck for him to use. Packing him lunches to take along (at 4:30 in the morning) and planing evening meals daily is another adjustment now since I pretty much have been doing salads, etc. for myself. Wanna bet I get used to this schedule and then he's back to long-distance again???? Oh well, keeps life interesting!

Weekly Challenge

My friend, Ann, and I are doing a challenge together--one block a week for 25-30 weeks. Both of us are doing "scrappy." She is doing totally scrappy ( ) and I am doing Civil War scrappy. So far I have used only fabrics from her and my stashes altho I have a few FQ's I bought at the Woolen Willow ( last weekend just in case........

...Hobo Bag.......

Shellz wants to give "homemade" gifts to some of her friends at college for Christmas. Since she is not a huge fan of sewing (altho she will help) and is carrying 18 credit hours this semester plus work, she asked if I would help her out.....

So far we have made two Hobo Bags. Not sure we will continue with this pattern or switch to another one as we only have a few weeks to get them all done and she doesn't plan on being home again until Thanksgiving break. They need to be finished so she can take them back with her on 11/29.