Wednesday, April 19, 2017

30's Pillow Talk....

I love pillows..plain and simple! But, have you priced them lately??? eeekkk!!

So with the many baskets of scraps I have, I went searching for a variety of patterns and ideas for pillow covers.  

~I truly love 30's fabrics!  What a better way than to add some decor to the new daybed frame Kevin made for me???

The first two patterns I am sharing can be found at

When we had to sort through my late Mother-In-Law's "things," we found some Dresden Plate one else wanted them so I brought them home...yep, I scored!!! I made two into pillows and framed two of them.

My last 30's pillow (for now)--I have searched for my pattern log on this one and can't find it!!! As soon as I find it, I'll post the pattern name.

I am thinking I need/want to add a few more so will see what I can come up with. 

For now we have:

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